2011-SicilyGreetings from beautiful cloudless Sicily.

The sun is shining and the midday heat is at its peak.  It feels very hot but as far as we know it’s still cooler then Florida.  We aren’t sure that seems right and have begun to question the accuracy of the thermometer. We have not had a single drop of rain which we are all fine with.

Sunday church was held here at the place we are staying and it was a blessing to worship with our fellow believers. We sang several songs in Italian… or at least we tried to. Some of the songs we knew in English so it was easy to sing a long while they sang in Italian. I (Blair) gave the message for the service while speaking with a translator. It was really neat to see how they ran the church service. We started with singing, then we did a presentation with 3 songs, then I got up to speak followed by prayer from the congregation. We ended with some more singing then visited for a bit after the service.

The rest of Sunday we did our verse review. They have 19 verses to memorize and the team members say a review on Sunday. What ever verses they miss they write out to help them get God’s word into their heart. This is an important part of the summer for them as they can lean on these verses the rest of their lives. We also did our team quizzing where they get points for getting one correct. We had 2 teams competing to see who would win. They did very well with a tie in points – 130 points each. They get 20 points for the first correct answer and 10 points for each correct answer after that. They lose 10 points for any missed questions.  We encourage all of them to try their best and to not give up. They all did great and we are proud of their hard work and good attitudes.

Today we got back to work cleaning up the grounds and working on the foundation that will later become a small cabin that will house 4 people. We have been filling all the extra space in the foundation with rocks, so the team has been hauling a lot of rocks to use as fill. We have just about finished painting the bathroom doors for each stall and will hopefully start painting the main hallway white in the next few days.  With it being as hot as it has been we do most of our work in the morning and late afternoon while having classes in the middle of the day. 2011-Sicily



  1. Hailey Nickolson

    Hello Dylan I miss you and love you………Cannot wait to see you. Joel also misses you.

  2. Abby R (Blair sister)

    Glad to see everything is going well. I’ve been praying for safety and health for all. I am also praying for God’s work in the lives of the pre-teens and the sicilians.

  3. Meg you made me laugh!!! I thought the same thing when I saw the pic yesterday of my son who happen to be standing on the end of the row!! I got to see his whole body 🙂 He is still in one piece!!!! I’m so happy for them that it is hard to be sad that he has been gone for 3 weeks. Praying every day for them.

  4. Meg (Noah's Mom)

    I never thought I would be so happy to see the top of my son’s head. So glad they are doing well.

  5. We are so glad God is hearing our prayers. We think about you all daily and of course curiouse to know what Seuraya is up to for the day. Your details of the work and joy is so refreshing to hear and we are excited for all the team to be in such a beautiful place. The bread sounds delicious and we hope you get some good samples of olive oil. Love to you and kisses to Seuraya.

    Thank you very much for making the posts easier to find and a relief to explain to friends and family.

  6. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    It is truly wonderful to see the kids ministering to others in different countries. Giving themselves and their time to tell others about the greatest news ever heard. These are Heros of the FAITH. Way to go kids. Way to go Jacob.

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