Zambia Bridge Update-11021

11021-zam-bridge-funProgress of work and supplies: spent the day with Doug Peterson buying supplies in Ndola.  We purchased a good portion of the supplies but still need rock, sand, poles and lumber.   Arrived back at Bootcamp and looked for supplies of tools.  The posthole diggers were shot, so I took them apart and made a hole shovel out of each half.  I was able to take an old leaf spring and fashion it into two digging bars.  We will take the welder, the tool kit I brought with me. (that has been a true blessing). We will leave tomorrow for the work site and go through Chingola and try to buy the rest of the supplies.
The weather has been cold at night warm during the day.  The sky has been overcast. We are looking forward to getting to the work site and setting up our tents, kitchen and work project.

Arrival on field:
We arrived with great excitement by both the team and to the orphans and village children.  I arrived after the team as I was buying supplies and was behind D-2 that was carrying the team and all the duffels.  We found a  Zambia bag and ended up here with 16 new tents.  We will send the tents we are not using back to Ndola when Robert heads back or pass them off to OA when they come by.  We set up the kitchen and made a Dutch oven for the ladies and have two brazers they are using with charcoal for cooking.  As the first day was a Saturday, we spent Sunday with Milan in his church.  We then went with Kelvin to the MSM in the afternoon. Many on the team have really stepped out and shown real commitment and love for the Lord.  It is exciting to see.
The villagers are coming tomorrow to work with us.  We are excited.  Two weeks to get it done.  We should be able to do it!

Decisions for Christ:  4 went forward after Robert shared and indicated that they wanted to know Christ.  However since it was all in Bamba, I am not sure.



  1. Dear Team, we continue to pray for all of you. Leaders, thanks for taking our youth on this trip, may the Lord richly bless you. Katie you are missed and loved,
    Mom, Dad and Teddy

  2. Hi Zambia Bridge Team 11021 read update. Still Praying . Sounds like evryone is working hard. Hope you enjoy the new tents, what a blessing. May God Bless you all in your commitments and love for the Lord. Love and Prayers from JP’s mom Cathyrn

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