After the first few days of cold and rain, the Australia Team has been enjoying sunshine since Sunday. It`s beautiful here! Sunday we went to a Salvation Army Church for the morning service. The team sang and Christian Neal gave an excellent testimony that blessed everyone. Sunday afternoon we took the team down to a river park for fish and chips and team devotions with singing and Asher Carver shared with us all. We have this whole week before us at the base and next Monday we`ll be heading north to visit the Aborigine Community. So we are wanting to get as many projects accomplished as possible. Divide and conquer! At 6:15 they get a “cuppa”… that`s hot tea, Aussie style to warm up their bellies. At 6:30 we put in an hour of good physical stuff like breaking and moving concrete, dragging brush from fallen trees to a burn pile, chopping firewood, etc. After brekky and devos we break into groups to paint buildings, pour sidewalks, and debark trees to replace the Jacob`s Ladder. Lunch time comes around real quick and some library time out in the warm noon day sun. Back at it again in the afternoon and then it`s free time and bathing before the sun loses all it`s heat. After dinner we have some team time with Bible study, Team devos and Guys and girls class. And while all this is going on, the kangaroos just stop and stare at these crazy Americans with purple hardhats who occasionally creep up on them with cameras in their hands. No worries mate.


  1. Georgia – we are thinking of you often and knowing God is using you in a great way. We can’t wait to hear your stories when you return. Praying often for strength, health, sleep and God’s leading. Take care! Love the talk about the kangas!
    The Denniston family

  2. Thank you for the updates! We are thrilled to hear about your adventures, daily routines and ministry! I am happy it is cooler for you than Boot Camp! Please greet Phoebe for us and give her an extra hug today! We are praying for you all and what God is doing in and through you daily!

  3. It is so good to hear about what God is doing in your mission! Keep strong and enjoy your time there! You are doing a good thing…..Georgia B, I miss you and my prayers are with you constantly for physical health, and spiritual growth. I hope you are getting our letters! but if not, you know how much we love and miss you, but also know what you are doing is so important! God bless your entire team and leaders and those you are able to bring the Gospel to each day!

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