Bethlehem Missions Trips - 2011Team, describe your summer experience in one sentence…Karly:  “This summer is the best!”
Bob/Matthew:  “I have grown stronger in God and learned a lot.”
Larissa:  “This summer has been a life changing experience.”
Anne/Lyndsay:  “This summer is where I have met my first true love – falafel.”
Sara:  “Even though I miss my family, my relationship with God has grown stronger.”
Elijah:  “I have been chasing after God’s own heart in the Holy Land.”
Melissa:  “My time in the Holy land has shown me how real Jesus is.”
Henri:  “Now whenever I read the Bible, I can think back to all the things I have learned and seen here.”
Victoria:  “Three rock, two sand, one cement…Bam!!!”  (The concrete mixture ratio…we obviously have poured a lot of concrete!!!)
Danae:  “Just one hill over is where David and Goliath fought…literally.  It’s very cool.”
Seth:  “I have drawn way closer to God.”
Ashley:  “I will forever live in genie pants!”
Christos:  “Israel is a beautiful place that has made me feel close to God.”
Rachael:  “A totally new experience that will affect the rest of my life.”
Joyce:  “Concrete stained pants, knees that are sore and experiences that I will never forget.”
Janette:  “The days are long, but the weeks are fast…I can’t believe that it is almost over.”

We have absolutely loved and cherished our summer with your sons and daughters.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet and build friendships with each one of them.  They have left footprints on our hearts. ~The Bethlehem Bible College Team Leaders



  1. Dennis and Debby Myers

    Happy Birthday Michelle

  2. I pray that as your time there draws to a close, that the Lord will prepare your hearts to return to the USA and to your homes and families. I also pray that God will prepare the hearts of those at home to receive you all home again. A life changing summer it has truly been. May GOD bless you all and hold you all close in his loving arms forever.

    Love you Larissa,


  3. Seth, Emily and I want genie pants!! 🙂 I miss you so much!! Michelle and Mike, thank you for eveything – please love on my boy for me! I can´t believe I will have been without him for 2 months!! I can´t wait to hear everything he has seen and heard!

  4. Thank you BBC Leaders for loving our kids, for all your wonderful post,and keeping us in the know over these weeks. Thanks team BBC for all your hard work and hearts open for God. May God Bless you all:) praying for you,a safe trip home.

  5. Juana Hernandez

    wow, what an experience of a life time this has been. Will not be easily forgotten that’s for sure. I know you all have done a great job, physically and in a lot of hearts.God bless you all. Love you son!! And a huge THANKS to all the wonderful leaders.

  6. Christos, I want some Genie Pants!

  7. Brian and Sally Kraus

    Makes me smile :0) Sounds like everyone is leaving Israel a different person. We’ll hunt down a restaurant that serves falafel, Lyndsay! Safe travels BBC.

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