2011-Ecuador2011-Ecuador2011-Ecuador2011-EcuadorWe have made it through week one in Ecuador, yet it seems like we’ve been here much longer. The team has been working really hard and we never really hear them complaining. They seem to be enjoying the work, whether it be outside or in the kitchen. On Saturday, the team enjoyed a trip to town in Latacunga. They were able to do some shopping, and we went to the town park for lunch. After lunch and playing on the playground (you’re never too old to play on the playground), the team spent time doing some evangelism; making balloons for the children (which was a big hit) and singing some songs as well. On Sunday, Jorge and Allie took us to their church in Latacunga and the team gave their presentation…singing songs as wells as sharing their testimony to the congregation with the help of Jorge’s translating. After church, we went out for lunch at a fast food type restaurant called Super Pollo Rico. You could get a nice meal for $1.80 (hamburger, fries and
drink). The team members and leaders really enjoyed this time together. Now, it is a new week and everyone is back to work. We had a load of bricks delivered on Friday and a load of sand delivered on Monday, so they are now hard at work laying brick on the second floor of the apartment, and others are still helping lay tile and doing some painting. The weather is cold, usually in the 40s/low 50s. It is common for it to rain at night, but when the sun is out during the day, it is such a beautiful sight in these mountains! We haven’t had any major illnesses as of yet. We do have some team members with colds, and two of the head leaders’ children (Allison & Jonathan) have been fighting a cold/cough with occasional fever. Please pray for our team as we continue with the work projects going on and that we will remain healthy and safe. Pray for us as we do evangelism on the weekends, that we would plant seeds in the local people’s lives. Pray for the team
members, that they would grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.

Below is a testimony from team member Katerina Oswald:

“Since we’ve been here in Ecuador, I have learned a lot about leaning on God, asking him to fix my problems instead of trying to carry the weight myself. I have realized that when I’m homesick or feel like I can’t do anything, God is right there, a shoulder for me to cry on, the ground under my feet. My moto this summer has been “a happy face, and a willing heart,” and if I can’t do something, I know I need to put it in His hands. I have found great pleasure in handing over my troubles to the Lord, because after I give them to Him, He opens my eyes and shows me how I can help others, and how I can glorify Him. Psalm 121:2 – My help comes from the Lord!2011-Ecuador2011-Ecuador



  1. Beth,
    Could you please let Hannah know that she will have letters waiting for her in Florida? We couldn’t find the address for her Ecuador trip on the web site earlier, and I didn’t get an answer to an email I had sent asking for it. I didn’t realize that it would be too late to send her a letter there in Ecuador. Please let her know that we are praying for her and for all of you!

  2. What an amazing testimony from my niece, Kat! Also, love seeing Kiri in all her beautiful ginger and sweet threads! 😉

  3. So glad to hear how the Lord is using your team, and thankful to see the pics! Praying for you!

  4. Great to hear updates on how everything is going and great to see pics of Kristen and Cindy! Keeping you all in our prayers!

  5. So good to see Kristen and Cindy in pics. Love seeing how God is blessing team Ecuador. Praying everyday for this wonderful team.

  6. I enjoy reading all the updates. Praise God for all of you and the work you are doing. Will continue to pray for all of you. Pray that you will stay healthy and get over the colds. God Bless all of you. Looking forward to hear more about your mission. God Bless.

  7. Great to hear the update and thanks for the specific prayer requests so we know how to pray. And great to have a team member testimony – we’d love to hear more! God bless.

  8. Catherine Hopkins

    Praise the Lord! Katerina’s testimony warmed my heart.

  9. Praise the Lord! Katerina’s testimony warmed my heart.

  10. Ashleigh Knowlton

    Continuing to praise the Lord for Team Ecuador and what He is doing through them!

  11. God is using you to do wonderful things while wonderful things are happening to you and HIS team!! I am praying for you.

  12. It is so wonderful to hear everything the team is doing and to hear that the kids are going so close to the Lord!

  13. Sounds like things are going well! Is there an address I can send letters to?

    • Kris, Addresses are on our web site. However, there isn’t time for a letter to get there before the team leaves.

  14. Greetings to Ecuador team and my son Mike Beange. Glad to get such a newsy report on your comings and goings. Work hard and remember “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  15. It was wonderful to see my Ecuador team all clean and happy. Keep the pix and updates coming. The testimonies from this team have been pleasant “Special Blessings”.

  16. Good to hear that everything is going well. Praying that all of you will stay well. Great pictures of the team.

  17. What a beautiful testimony from Katerina Oswald! The pictures are are wonderful and what a blessing it is to see Team Ecuador serving and singing! Like Katerina wrote: “a happy face and a willing heart!”

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