2011-Indiana2011-Indiana2011-Indiana2011-Indiana2011-IndianaGreetings from Indiana!

Busy is an understatement!

We ‘landed’ with our feet running at three fairs in three states last week from Wednesday thru Friday. On Saturday, TTT Ministries (our host) gave us an all day evangelism training seminar with classes, workshops and special messages from Cowboy Lee Homoki! In the evening, we attended TTT’s ** consecutive Saturday night youth rally. After the rally the team enjoyed fellowship with some of the local teens and pizza provided by TTT. On Sunday, the Indiana team visited Vincennes, Indiana where we shared in a local church. After the service they provided lunch for the entire team! Wow! We spent a few hours visiting the George Rogers Clark Memorial.  It was a great history lesson with beautiful murals and educational stories.

On Monday, the team travelled an hour and a half to the town of Bicknell, host of Indiana’s oldest fair in Knox County. It was our first time to setup the ‘Lesson’ and boy was it a HIT! Adults stopped to look at the car and kids of all ages enjoyed the puppets. A proclaimer (provided by Faith Comes by Hearing) played a dramatic presentation of the Bible while the puppets ‘acted’ out the stories. We also shared dramas and conducted about 70 surveys resulting in over 20 decisions for Christ.

Together with the TTT tigers (teens from TTT) we have so far conducted more then 628 surveys (witnessing encounters) resulting in  more than 85 decisions for Christ! To God be ALL the Glory!!!

Selena Shares…   When I first came to Teen Missions I had no idea what I was doing here. I wondered how God could use such a person to do his work. I asked God to show me. Through Boot Camp, God was telling me to wait and see what He had for me. I wondered if I would even lead someone to Christ. I didn’t think I was good enough. On Thursday, I attended the Kentucky fair and we were pretty much ignored. I began to get discouraged that no one would be saved.. Then the next day, I thought it was going to be the same outcome. I ended up getting the privilege of leading four people to Christ. On that day, God revealed to me my purpose in life… it was to be a missionary and do his will.

Hanna Shares… I love going to the fairs. It is easier to talk to the younger children than to the teens. I talked to a little girl and told her how to be a “princess” and gave a little boy a Bible who ran off shouting about how happy he was to receive it. Teens on the other hand don’t listen as well as children. Deuteronomy 28:38 helped me understand why, “Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field and shalt gather but little in for the locust shall consume it.”  To me this verse says that we will spread the Gospel to the world, but few will listen because the ways of the world are pulling them in. Every day over 300 teens go past the tents and only a few will take a survey. The awesome thing is about 20 people gave their hearts to the Lord… and every person counts.2011-Indiana


  1. Thank you so much for the update. It touches my heart to see the work the Lord is doing through all of you. I pray for you daily. Keep the updates and pictures coming. I love you Hannah, Mom

  2. Thank you so much for posting the “updates” of the team. We are so excited to hear what the Lord is doing through you all. We are praying for you daily. We look forward to hearing all your stories when you get home, STephen… love, mom

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