2011-MongoliaThis morning team Leader Carley tried to send some pictures to you but it not works. Right now they in a summer house at Jubilee’s kids camp it 17 km from town. There no any net so i am sending those pictures. team at the church and enjoying in the National park in Mongolia.

In His Name




  1. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Hello Cui Family, Welcome, we love the photos too, I have printed about 20 copies to hand out to friend, family and sponsors! Does anyone know if we get a DVD slideshow from teen mission to show to groups to raise support for next year? I am praying to send 2 kids next year. I welcome any support raising ideas. thanks.

  2. Thank God for letting Battaetseg to get the pictures to us. God bless the team!

  3. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Mongolia photos on horseback are great. Thanks to Battsetseg. Send all you want. We really appreciate it. Its great to see the kids doing ministry and having fun.

  4. God Bless for the posting and news from Mongolia! What would a trip be to Mongolia without a ride on horseback? Beautiful scenery and a pretty good looking bunch of Teen Missionaries too! Terimah Kasih (Thank you!) Battsetseg! Love and continuous prayers from Carly’s Mom & Dad

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