Nepal Report-11016



Greetings!!!We have finally started our work project and the team quickly learned how much the training at boot camp would prepare them for the work they do here.  It was very hot yesterday in the sun, but a nice breeze helped.  They worked very hard hauling rock, dirt and gravel to the rice paddie we are trying to prepare for construction.  We will begin tying rebar for the concrete footer columns today.   The rain keeps us from being able to start the footer.  It rained over 3 inches last evening which prevented us from doing a presentation last night.

On Sunday, we celebrated Kristen’s 17th birthday with a chocolate cake decorated with Reese’s Pieces!   What a treat for everyone!

On SUnday evening, we walked to a populated area for a puppet presentation.  We had nearly 200 spectators of all ages!   It was incredible and such a blessing.  Lots of the kids walked with us back to our host home and stayed to play with the team.  We always seem to have lots of kids around.  They love to play and practice English.  Yesterday, a young boy came by and asked to read Hannah’s Bible.  It was such a joy to watch him read with such excitement and then he shared some of his favorite verses with us.  He told us he was a Christian.

John entertained a large group of children while on KP yesterday.  It was fun to watch him explain Teen Missions to them and share a copy of the team brochure with them.

Pray for sunshine and minimal rain so we can complete at least some portion of this project.

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