Old West-11072

Per phone call from leader: The team has been busy digging a lot of water lines. They are working on getting connectors and have found the leaks. However, they cannot do anything else until the septic tank is pumped. They have found the lines and made a map. The team has also started on the porches in front of the doors. They are digging foundations for the porches. They plan on pouring a porch by a side-door tomorrow. It will be an 8X8 pad with a covered entryway. The kids are hard workers! The weather has been rainy which is unusual this time of the year. They are also experiencing some dust storms which blow the tents around. Last night, the team was treated to Navajo tacos provided by the missionary. Next week the team will be helping run a neighborhood VBS for three afternoons. They are planning on going to the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert next Thursday. One highlight was Bessie’s (who lives next door to the church) son-in-law taught the team how to lasso a pole. They really enjoyed that. Please continue to pray for us!



  1. Thats so awesome!!
    I am praying for the team!

  2. Tyrone & Sharol Bland

    Thank you, our son hasn’t written us since the one postcard from boot camp. This is our only means of imformation. We will continue to pray for the team.

  3. God Bless!! Lots of love to the Old West team!

  4. God Bless!

  5. You might want to double check on whether you heard the rainy season info correctly. This is monsoon season in the 4 corners area (as well as pretty much all of AZ, NM). As such, it is their *usual* rainy season.

  6. Thank you for the update! It’s nice to know what they are doing.

  7. Praying! Sounds like the kids are working hard! Amen!!!

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