11001 Switzerland Missions TripIt’s hard to believe that we are starting our final week here in Switzerland.  The days are finally begining to feel routine. The rain continues to fall nearly every day.  The weather report for the week shows very little sun, but the team is maintaining positive attitudes  & eager to complete the projects at hand.  I was just asking Karrah about the weather here & she said, “It rains all day and then is clear by the time we go to bed.”  The tents are remaining dry, with the exception of a few puddles.

This past weekend we spent the time just relaxing around the property.  We used the time to catch up on memory verse, quizzing and take a quick trip town for last minute souviener shopping.  We enjoyed a Sunday service on property where our leader, Ryan, shared a message and then we celebrated one of the YWAM staff people’s birthday with an hour & a half of worshiping together in song.  It was beautiful!

This week the team transitioned into their last project on the property.  They are begining work on doubling the size of the existing parking lot.  You can see the team members moving about in their blue ponchos pushing wheel barrows full of dirt. We are greatful that the rain has mostly just been a drizzel and we are still able to work.  Tomorrow we are expecting a large load of gravel to begin to place as the bed of our parking lot.

We thank you for your prayers for us this summer.  Our YWAM staff has already told us of many neighbors to have stopped to question about why a group of Americans would come over here to spend their “holiday” working in Switzerland.  We pray that our work here will be a testimony to the Lord Jesus.


  1. Bless you all! May the trials of this summer bring you strength as you persevere for His kingdom, and may the joys remain in your hearts and souls for all time! Peace, Carol Dittmar

  2. Sounds like this has been a great summer for the Switzerland team. I’ve prayed for you–especially for my niece, Lisa McDonald. I hope you have a have a meaningful conclusion to your summer. Looking forward to hearing more details upon your return. Peace, Margot Eyring

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