Another Zimbabwe Update! -11026

Greetings family and loved ones! It was been quite an adventure here in Zimbabwe. For starters, it has been much colder here than any of us anticipated. Thank God we were sent with sweatshirts! The mornings and evenings are very cold, but the afternoons are bright, warm and sunny. (our laundry dries very quickly here!) Most of our head colds have cleared up, and the girls are all healthy!  We have learned that even the simplest of tasks can be grueling here. When venturing out to get groceries, we awakend at 2:15 am. After walking 2/3 of a mile, we greeted our van which was unheated, and uncomfortable. After many stops, bumps, and an all most unbearably freezing ride, we arrived at the bus station in Bulawayo. Another 2 mile walk brought us into town where we waited for an hour until the stores opened up. The grocery stores are very limited, but we managed to grab some cans of fruits, veggies, bread and cheese. We purchased chitenges for the girls, and got a cab back to the bus station. Another hour of waiting, and we finally boarded our van again, this time with extra passengers. The ride back was around  4.5 hrs, squished, with our groceries on our lap, in the hot sun, and dust swirling around in the van. We were grateful when we finally arrived back on base, and the girls were happy to see us as well. We realized how much we take for granted back home. Our simple task of grocery shopping was a 12.5 hr ordeal.

Yesterday, we had our first footwashing experience. A group of children arrived here in the afternoon after school. Our girls were ready and excited. Chelsea greeted the kids, and helped lead them in phonics. Courtney, Rebekah, Micayla, Taylor, and Emily sat on the ground as the orphans sat on a bench and lovingly washed their feet. (with gloves)  Amy and Alyssa were in charge of finding the children shoes which fit their feet. Abby, Annie, and Ezzie administered lotions, neosporin and bandaids to those who had cuts on their feet. (also with gloves =) Hannah and Nikki were on KP, but were able to help hold fabric up and block the sun from two of the children who were albinos. It was hard to stomach what bad shape these children were in. Many of the children had infected wounds which had been festering for weeks, their lips were dry, cracked and swollen, and they were poorly dressed. The girls shared some thoughts on yesterday:
Abby: I had been feeling kind of down, but seeing the kids reminded me of why I was here, and brought my spirit up.
Emily: They were absolutely precious!
Annie: A smile means everything to them.
Ezzie: After we washed their feet, and got to play with the kids on the personal level gave me such joy.
Hannah: It amazed me how the kids still played, smiled and had fun, despite their sore and poorly care for feet.
Chelsea: When I taught phonics, I was blessed by Sandra (a BMW student) who translated to the children in D’bele for me. This allowed the kids to open up and feel more comfortable

We have many more evangelism opportunities in the days in weeks to come including visiting a children’s school, a local hospital, a church, and nearby villages with orphans. We’ve seen great spiritual growth in all of the girls, and each night one of the girl’s had led an amazing Bible study. The Lord has blessed our team beyond  measure. In our free time, we are able to visit with the staff and their children. It truly beautiful here. As always, it’s a great day here in ZImbabwe! Many Blessings, Claimet, Bobbi, Suzanne and the girls



  1. Steve Colangelo (Nikki's Dad

    As Nikki’s Dad (and her Pastor) I want you to know that our entire church is praying for each and every one of your girls (I mean young ladies) as they minister to the orphans. We pray for ministry success (as God would define it; not us), mercy and safety, and finally for abundant blessings.

  2. Donna Agnew (Emily's Grammy)

    You need to write a story using all your updates of your amazing adventure this summer. You are a light to these precious children, showing them the love of Christ, you are His wittnesses in Zimbabwe. Keep on your journey and always look to Him to get you through the hard times. Your in our hearts and prayers.

  3. Thank you all for saying yes to being His hands and feet. I can only imagine what impact you are having on these young girls. We continue to pray for you as you minister to them and each other. Alyssa, we will miss you at camp, but know that you are making such a greater impact where you are. Stay salty!

  4. I am with Alissa, I have lost count of how many times I have read this! I miss and love Taylor so much but nothing could replace these days she is having. Praying that God continues to work in their lives and through their precious hands.

  5. Tricia Versteeg (Em's Mom)

    I am blessed to hear about what you girls/ladies (and Claimet and your family!) are doing and what the Lord is doing in you! To God be the glory! As Jesus saw the multitudes harassed and like sheep without a shepherd and had compassion on them, so you see these dear children and filled with the compassion of Christ you serve them in Jesus name! Keep pressing on! We love you and are praying for you! Love you dearly Emma Lou!

  6. Hi Ezzie; I’m pleased to have played a small role in your mission. God bless you and all with you in this important work.

  7. Shame on me for complaining about going right up the street to the grocery today!! Praise GOD for their joy, their peace, and their willingness to serve Him in all ways. Continued prayer for protection, health, and endurance as they share the love of Christ!!

  8. Alissa Nelson (annies mom

    I just have to have confessions……. I think I’ve read this 10 times and I just want to stop everyone and say I heard good news! 😉 Ok I feel better now. From a mother who’s firstborn she misses SO much.

  9. Sarah (Ezzie's Mom)

    I don’t know if you guys will get to read this while there, but I love you so much Ezzie, and i’m so proud of you! Made me cry reading about washing/caring for their feet. What a ministry of mercy! It’s all worth it now and I’m glad there aren’t many tears, it should be a joyous incredible time!

  10. Oh the lives that will be touched and changed forever! God is so Gracious.

  11. Cheryl Hildebrandt

    So proud of the entire team for their perseverance! Praising God for delivering them to their mission and watching over them and ALL the children they will be ministering to while there. Love you Chels!!!

  12. Heidi (Suzanne's sister)

    I am so proud of you! It brings tears to my eyes to hear about the many storms God has brought you through and yet you smile and praise His name. What a testimony you and your team of women bring to audiences around the world. I love you, sis. Be safe and come home soon.

  13. Two reports! Yeah! I just want to hear more, so exciting to hear how God is using these precious girls! Don’t think any of them will mind grocery shopping anymore.

  14. Alissa Nelson (annies mom

    I”m blessed beyond measure to hear that you are all there and are well. It sounds like an amazing adventure and I’m SO proud of all of you. To God be the glory for the great things you are doing!!!

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