Kilimanjaro Pictures-11012




  1. Quentin and Lydia Miller

    What an incredible sight! Wow, we serve an awesome God. Please tell Aidyn we love him, will see him soon and to soak it all in. Quentin and Lydia 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting pictures! I love to see everything you are doing for these children. Drake, keep up the good work! See you soon!!! Stay safe everyone!

  3. Juana Hernandez

    thank you so much for the update and the beautiful pics. Praying for you all to continue to do great work both physically and most important –spiritually. Lots of love , hugs and kisses especially for my Moriah 🙂

  4. It’s great to see the pics — and this one even captured Christine in the picture instead of behind the camera!

  5. love the pics & updates! Thanks SOOOO much! Big hugs to Abby Puttman, Love & prayers for all of you!

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking the time, with all you have going on, to share with us at home!!! Please give Christian all our love! Love and Prayers dad, mom, madeline, michelle, keller ii, john c, johanna and of course dear millen who is missing him so much but working hard to be strong!

  7. THANK YOU FOR POSTING PHOTOS !! It’s great to see Drake and everyone!! We are praying for all of you! Please tell Drake we miss him!

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