The trenches are finished after a few adjustments were made the team has completed almost all of the steel tying and we hope to pour the foundation tomorrow. We had some delays due to supplies showing up late and some pretty heavy showers. The team has also been working on bailing the trenches out so that the foundation can be poured. The team enjoyed a day of sightseeing at Maracas Bay about ten members of the church came with us and acted as our tour guides/translators yes some of the peole here in Trinidad you need a translator for. After having the afternoon at the beach we drove through the Savannah and downtown Port of Spain the locals were able to point out all of the historic landmarks and the best “doubles stands” in town. The team had a really great day to relax and enjoy the beauty of Trinidad.
We hope to pour the foundation of the house tomorrow and if the weather is good we can start laying courses of block by Friday. Saturday, Pastor Gerald hopes to take us to a traditional Indian pottery factory to take a tour and do some shopping around Chaguanas.



  1. Deborah Spruill

    Please more reports! It has been more than 5 days now! Please! Thank you!
    God Bless!

  2. Thanks so much for these updates. It is so wonderful to know how the team is doing and to know how to pray! I’ll be heading for a map soon to find out where Chaguanas is!

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