Zimbabwe Arrival Report-11026

We have finally arrived! Friday was a discouraging, long day. The team sat in the airport all day with no news from Zimbabwe Air. We were told the pilots were on strike, and were in meeting negotiating terms. The girls were tired. Around 10pm, Zimbabwe Air told us that we were going to a hotel for the night, and that we needed to be back by 7am to to check in for our 9am flight. Up we went, loading our 32 duffels back into a van, a short ride later, we unpacked the 32 duffels, checked into our rooms, and tried to get a few hours of sleep before waking up again. (Many of us did NOT sleep due to a party occuring outside of our rooms!) Saturday morning, we finally flew to Harare, ZImbabwe. We ate breakfast on the plane, and when we landed, we were quickly shuffled through visas and customs and boarded our next flight to Bulawayo. Claimet’s wife, and older daughters greeted our team, and once again, we loaded up our duffels for a 3 hr bus ride back to base. (We WERE able to stop at a small grocery store grabbing essentials)

The girls slept most of the bus ride to base. The roads were VERY bumpy. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the entire Zimbabwe staff and BMW students. Warm hugs and greetings made our team feel very welcome at our new home. The Zimbabwe crew sang us a special song of welcome, and in the light of the moon and stars, we held hands as a prayer was lifted up to the Lord thanking Him for our safe journey. It is still impossible to describe those moments. The Holy Spirit was abundantly present, and from the beginning, color and culture were no barriers, for we had Jesus Christ to share together.

The girls are sleeping in 3 separate dorm rooms. The rooms are rather nice, and very clean. The bathrooms were a bit of a surprise. (3 stalls, no doors, and what our team lovingly refers to as “squatty potties,” we as leaders deemed the main toilet as a #2 toilet, so that the squatty potties were not so unbearable.) The showers have running water, but VERY cold running water. The team was excited to see many animals on base; goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, a couple of roosters (who crow every hour on the hour), and the one cow. All of the animals (except for the pigs) freely roam the base during the day. Our biggest surprise, were the monkeys which come out during the day and swing on the trees by the base wall. It is very beautiful here in ZImbabwe, and all of the girls are so flexible and happy. We have finally gotten past our homesickness, and tears here are rare. The Lord has truly blessed our team, and we are excited to see what else He has in store for us! As always, it’s a great day here in Zimbabwe! Many Blessings, Claimet, Bobbi, Suzanne and the girls



  1. Donna Agnew (Emily's Grammy)

    My eyes are welling up as I read your welcome update. God is so good, what an amazing picture your words have given me, we are blessed indeed. Have a wonderful journey with God and each other this summer as you serve Him in such a needed way. God bless you all.

  2. Such wonderful news! I was especially touched at the welcoming from all the staff at the base, that it was so touching and Spirit filled! What a gracious beginning after such a long and sometimes difficult journey en-route. God is so good.

  3. So glad to hear from them! Thank you Beth for your hard work! God is to be praised!

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