Cameroon Update-11024

11024-cameroon-funWe have arrived safely in the far eastern village of Mbang. The journey was two full days of travel but we were blessed that there was no rain so the roads were good. We were stopped several times by the police checks but they allowed us to continue without any issues.

We have several projects instead of one major one. We are poring a concrete floor in the clinic and dividing the building I to four rooms. We will also put a veranda on the school class room building. We walk twenty minutes one way to get water at the spring. It is a full time job keeping it filtered.  The Baka Pygmy were here to greet us and they are always here watching our every move. Today they were  very interested in the way we washed or hair. Sarah was on KP today and William is tomorrow.  We are all in good health. The out houses make for some interesting experiences.  The girls hate the bugs and spiders so it is not uncommon to hear a scream. Jon micheal is so interested in the wildlife. Ami and Brittnay enjoy the water trips and Braxton keeps the kitchen ladies busy as he loves to eat.

We are so grateful for your prayers.



  1. Becky Johnson Barker

    Dear Cameroon Team, I am Williams aunt….i want to assure you all that though I dont know the rest of you, I love you and you are all bathed in prayer. May God bless you with everything you need. I love you all for your sacrifices..your unselfishness. God must be so happy with you. Please continue to keep us updated. Love, Aunt Becky

  2. DeDe (Lisa Schnittker's mom)

    Wonderful to hear all the activities, and about personalities. May the Lord be testified through ALL you do, say and feel. May each hour count for eternity.

    Special love to my special Lisa

  3. So glad the Mahers are back to complete health. As the Bakan’s watch you all, may they see nothing but Jesus & desire to know Him for themselves! William, why don’t you try pizza, Mbang style? Could be interesting… maybe some of those bugs would make a tasty topping! Will you get to see the Ntimbe caves? God continue to grant you all strength, health, joy & peace! Love & prayers for all – the Huxtables

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