Haiti Update-11004

The Haiti team is working hard.  After a few days of completing various jobs around the property like painting the patio floor, fixing the trusses for the sidewalk and sorting clothes to be baled for the container going to the Rescue Units in Africa for the orphans, the team is now back on the covered sidewalk project.  They are finishing setting the rest of the poles and preparing the cross beams for the trusses.  With only a few days left to work before Debrief, the team is trying to get the maximum of work done.  They want to finish the project but realize that they may not be able to put the metal shingles on.  On Wednesday night, the team had fun joining with a local youth group to play games in what was called ‘Filth Fest’.  While they loved the games, they enjoyed the fellowship with other teen believers the most. A treat of ice cream finished a great night.  They are looking forward to completing much of their covered sidewalk project, painting the rest of the picnic tables, helping a local man clean out a house (Saturday AM) and serve at a local feeding program (Monday AM).  They are looking forward to Debrief and hearing the testimonies of the other teams.  Health is good, most of the head colds are gone.  Hydration has been a problem because the team members get working too hard and forget to drink!  Thanks for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.  God is good, all the time!



  1. AJ told me in a letter that he and three other musical team members got to play in the worship team at a local church one Sunday! That’s awesome! Praise God that everyone’s health has been improving. 🙂

  2. Bethany Richards

    Glad to hear that the Haiti team is in good health!! Praise God for that!! We are praying for all of you as you finish out your time in Florida! Any chance on seeing some pictures of that group? 🙂

  3. James and Tammi

    Thanks for the updates. I’m continuing to pray for Judah and his team’s health and for their morale.

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