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We had a busy day today seeing Bethlehem and getting some good bargains. We went to the Church of the Nativity, the site where Jesus was born. It is disappointing that they build a church or monument over everything here,but it is exciting to know that they are places and events from the Bible. We are the main attraction here in Beit Jala. Many people stop to see the team working and yell things like “nice wall” or “good job”. One man even stopped with his ice cream truck and brought out a box of ice cream novelties for the team. It was 96 degrees today and very dry. We are drinking, drinking, drinking! We hope to go to the Dead Sea next week. We are enjoying doing our devotions on the roof of the school. It is much cooler up there and the sunsets are beautiful during devos. We can hardly believe there is only two weeks left here. We have so much we want to get done for the school. They could use a team for the next 10 years so there is lots to be done. We plan to go to church with the Bethlehem team on Sunday and have lunch with them.


  1. We will be praying you have a good and safe weekend. We pray that your team will be truly unified, and for strength and health for each one. We pray for wisdom and a sense of the Lord’s presence. We pray for you daily….. we will celebrate your August 7th birthday when you get home, Isaac – hope the blisters are better and that you are getting our letters. Love you:)

  2. Daniel carpenter

    Thank you for all the updates and pictures. You guys are doing such a great work. May God richly bless you all. Hi Jordan we love and miss you. We pray for you all every day. Enjoy a falafel for me.

  3. I remember when my son was 7 or 8 and he said, “wouldn’t be great to see where Jesus was born”. Now, not only is he there – but he’s doing the work Jesus would want him to do. What a blessing. Thank you for the update. I look forward to them.

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