Malawi Tumbuku-11027

Work is going very well here in tumbuka. We have set the foundation for the unit and have begun erecting the brick pillars. There are 9 brick pillars that the unit will set on. We have completed 1 as of yesterday and plan to finish the rest by the end of the week. We must be sure that the pillars are level and in line with each other. So we are taking our time to get it right. We are also working on clearing a field, a very large field, so the kids have some where to play. The team is working hard and all of them are being rotated so that they have an opportunity to work on both projects. We are focusing on finishing the rescue unit before we backpack so that we have plenty of time to make sure it is done right and not rushed. The weather has been cold at night and warm during the day. We were warned before we got to our project that it would be cold at night so we stopped off to get blankets to keep ourselves warm. During the day it warms up quite a bit so we remind the team to drink lots of water and to apply plenty of sun screen.
” We have now been at our project in Tumbuka for a week. Everyone has gotten into a pretty regular routine. As far as our work progress, we have nine holes dug and filled with concrete for the foundation. We layed the first pillar yesterday and are hoping to finish four more today. Joey, Melanie, Abi, Megan, David, and myself all switched throughout the day, laying bricks. the bricks are made here in Africa from mud that is baked in the sun; this causes inconsistency from brick  to brick, making it really hard to level everything. Those of us who have not been laying brick or when we switch off, have been clearing a soccer field for the orphan children. The whole campground has had quite a spicy aroma going around due to Shannon’s and Sarah’s amazing but spicy food. There is almost always talk of some kind of food around camp from everyone. Buffets are the big thing, specifically Chinese buffets.  I am sure we will all put  on some  weight when we get back. Isaac joined us on tuesday and we were all very happy to have him back with us. Watching  Seth try to explain the story of Star Wars to Gift (our host) has the whole tream laughing. Just a heads up for all of you out there in internet land, Faith said to me when we first arrived in Africa that she makes the “best onion rings.”  We are still waiting for those, but the whole team found out that she makes some mean pumpkin bread and cornbread. As I sit here writing, I can hear Abi, Charrisa, Faith, and Melanie singing as they mix Mortar. Everyone is in high spirits and we all have bonded together as a team exteremely well. Sarah keeps us all laughing with her “blonde moments” that happen throughout the day. Please continue to pray for us and that we will be able to finish the rescue unit also that we wil be an example of Christ to the Nationals here.      Isaiah Grant “the Ketchup Man”


  1. Mike, we continue to pray for your team! We are so proud of your commitment to serving Christ, and are asking God to speak powerfully to you through this experience. We love you and miss you! Our grocery bill has gone down considerably since you’ve been gone. We look forward to the next team report!

  2. We are so thankful for how the Lord is at work in Isaiah’s life and the entire team. We pray often knowing that God has them all in His care. We miss Isaiah here at home! However, we are saving on ketchup (we have 3 full bottles in the cupboard without Isaiah here!) We will keep lifting up the whole Malawi team!
    Billie Grant (Isaiah’s mom)

  3. So thrilled to read the lastest update. We have been praying everyday for you all and rejoice everytime we hear what you are doing and how the Lord is working through you. We miss Joey so much, but know that he is just where he is supposed to be and that he is having experiences that will impact him for the rest of his life. We send our love and prayers to the whole team – from Joey’s Mom!

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