2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-Serbia2011-SerbiaAll is going well in Serbia. The weather has started to cool a little as we finally got some rain yesterday. The lows are probably getting into the low to mid 60’s, which some of the team members say is “freezing” at night, but really it is quite refreshing.

The team is now staying in tents.  The 4 man tents here are smaller than the ones they had at Boot Camp, but they have all managed to adjust and nobody seems to have had problems with stuff getting wet in the rain.  Many of them have said how much more they appreciate things at home already.  Evan says she will not complain about her mattress at home anymore.

The first youth camp started yesterday.  It is an older group of youth, many of whom come from troubled backgrounds we are told.  Our team was surprised to see that the majority of them smoke.  They say that parents let their kids start smoking usually around the age of 11 here, certainly different from what we are used to.  Only a few of them attempt to speak English with us, but we are praying for opportunities to share the love of Christ with them.  It is a small challenge to adapt our schedule to theirs.  There are over 60 of them.  They do not get up until 8am and do not go to bed until 11:30pm.  There are only 6 shower stalls and 6 toilet stalls for everyone here, so we try to arrange our schedule around theirs as much as possible.

The majority of us have a cold, but we are continuing to get work done.  We have cleared a lot of trees and done a lot of general cleanup including moving things around to empty out storage rooms and make the facilities more usable as a camp.  We will be putting in some culverts and widening the entrance to their driveway so that it is easier for big trucks to make deliveries here.  Our host missionaries have been surprised how quickly their list of projects have been getting done and are very excited to see the camp looking more like they want it.

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