Cambodia Is In China! -11002

Hello everyone! We have arrived safely in China and are doing pretty well! Our last couple of days in Cambodia were amazing as we were able to finish the slough, paint 100 buckets for the team members and set up two tent sites for the leaders who will be arriving today. We feel so blessed and are confident God will work many wonders in Cambodia through TMI and this Boot Camp. On Wednesday, we left for Phnom Penh and did a little shopping there. We slept at a church and then got up early in the morning to leave for the airport. After arriving in China, we were taken by van to the Far East Youth Hostel. We then got everyone settled and went to bed. Today, we went and exchanged money at a bank and set up a tour to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. The team members were also able to do a little shopping after lunch. We also plan to take a walk to see the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square when we get back from the Great Wall. The weather in Beijing is a constant haze, which makes the sun look very interesting. A couple of the leaders feel under the weather, so please pray for health as we go on our tours tomorrow and come back to the US the next day. We are very happy to be coming home soon, but we already miss Cambodia and thank God for the time we got to be there.


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