Well, we have moved once again! The monsoons prevented us from working in Ularbari. The rice field was too wet to do any construction. We are now in Kathmandu at Mendie’s Haven Children’s Home. They have several projects they would like us to work on. We are anxious to get to work and accomplish something! The 14 hour ride made for a long day again yesterday, but we arrived safely about 9:30 p.m. We had two things happen that we would like to share with you. First, Prem, our host in Ularbari, shared an amazing story with us. He said a long time ago, his pastor had a dream that Prem would have a new house right where he built his last year. He also dreamed that the house would be covered with white people. All Prem’s church and neighbors knew about the pastor’s dream. They were all amazed when the dream came true and Prem’s house was filled with 23 white people from Teen Missions!

Yesterday, as we were traveling back to Kathmandu, we had only been on the road about two hours when we were stopped in the middle of a village by the Nepal Police. They said there was a strike and the roads would be closed for three hours. They made us pull to the side of the road and sit, along with all other vehicles traveling on the road. We got off the bus to rest in a shady spot and wait. Shannon decided that we should do a presentation for all the other people sitting and waiting. We had not even finished the second song, when the bus driver started yelling and honking his horn, telling us to get on the bus! The strike had ended in less than 5 minutes!! What an amazing God we serve! He answered a big prayer for us. We can only imagine how late we would have arrived if we would have had to wait three hours. God is so good!!!

We are all happy to be here at Mendie’s Haven. It is so pretty here! They are equally excited to have us here as well. This is where Hannah came on her team two years ago and John and Mary Ann’s mother came here on a team years ago, too!  We are eagerly waiting for the children to get back from school today so we can get acquainted with them.

It was sad to leave our new friends in Ularbari. We had quite a gathering to tell us good-bye the night before we left. Taylor was a hit with all the kids. They called him “Justin Beiber!” I think it must be the hair!  🙂 We were able to do many presentations in the village and hope that we left a lasting impression of God’s love on these people. Please pray for the church in Nepal. One boy shared that he is the only Christian he knows of in his class. He longs for a friend that shares his faith. Many of the children want to trust in Jesus, but their parents forbid them to have Bibles or to go to church.

The past few nights we have heard testimonies from Helen, Josiah and Natalie as they shared in evening devotions. It is such a blessing to hear how God is working in their lives.

Continue to pray for good health for the team!  We love you all!



  1. God always knows what He has in mind for us, though it sometimes unfolds as a surprise to us. We are continuing to pray for Wyatt,and all of you on the Nepal team that all His purposes for you this summer will be fulfiled. Tell Wyatt that we have our new home in Missouri but we’ll have a few days together in Wyoming before we go. We hope His peace is over you as you work and serve.

  2. Susan Smouse (Hannah's Mom)

    I am so blessed at the glory given to God through his servants, the Nepal Team!
    I have to admit that when I knew that Hannah was returning to Nepal I kept asking her if the Team couldn’t visit Mendies Haven, after all they were in the same city! She had a beautiful quietness about being there to serve. I am so moved with joy as to how God planned their mission! He has stretched them halfway across Nepal sharing His Word, His Love and His Service! Our prayers are with Nepal!

  3. Hallie Gay Bagley (Taylor's mom)

    Thank you again for your update. The description of the stop was really neat and the dream. So glad Taylor was a hit…how funny, we joke around here and call him “Justin” also! ha ha. Guess Justin Bieber is a global phenomenon. Really glad to hear that Mendie’s Haven is a wonderful place to serve. I know T really loves the work part so dig in! WE are praying ceaselessly for the team. Praying that every one of you meets Christ anew!

  4. Suzanne Harvey (Natalie's mom)

    Absolutely wonderful to read this update. It is good to hear of your adventures and how God is caring for you in each situation. We are praying for you all the time. God bless and keep each team member with good health, safety and joy.

  5. I went on a TMI team to the Mendie’s Haven in 1997 – it is a wonderful place to serve. I will be praying for you!

  6. Your update was a blessing! So good to hear of your safe arrival and how our great God answered prayers. It is always good to be flexible and willing to serve wherever God places you! We’ll be praying for the seeds that you planted in Ularbari to be watered and for God to give the increase, the church in Nepal, a Christian friend for that precious little boy, and good health for everyone. Thank you for serving. Although we have never met, we have come to love you all also as we pray for you:)

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