Hola from Peru!  It´s a nice cool day here today, and as I write this the team members are all working hard pouring concrete on the water tower.  Yesterday they worked hard to prepare so that we could get a nice early start. We also went to bed a little earlier yesterday, and I think everyone was appreciative of the extra sleep.  This week we´ve seen so much progress in the field we´ve been cutting.  (We´re preparing the land so that bananas and papayas can be planted and the children´s home will have a source of income.)  Jen got everyone organized and now work just flies by.  The progress is also so encouraging for everyone to see.
We´ve really been enjoying our evening devotions time.  It´s been great to hear what the Lord is doing in everyone´s lives.  This week, Chloe and Suzi have shared with us about keeping an eternal perspective and following the Lord´s will for our lives.  We always have great times of discussion and sharing after the leader is done sharing, and it´s almost too bad to break for bedtime.  (Although everyone is still grateful to fall into tents and sleep the night away!  If only we could get rid of that rooster that starts calling around 4 o´clock!)
This weekend we´re excited about some evangelism opportunities that we´ll have in town, plus maybe a chance to go to the market, too!  Not to mention, tomorrow we celebrate Elana´s birthday, and on Monday we´ll celebrate Rachel´s.  And Christmas in July – with so many great things happening, we´ll never want to leave Peru!  Blessings to all family and friends at home.  Please keep praying for us! Thanks!

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