Sicily Update-11070

11071-south-pt-funGreetings from the land of almond, pomegranate, pear and olive trees.

We have been able to try many different types of food that grow or are  made here in Sicily. It is a wonderful culture to be a part of for this short time we are here. The weather is beautiful, today we have an awesome breeze that makes the day perfect. Still not a drop of rain, which is typical for this time of year.  We rejoice at God’s wonderful creation and know we will miss this place when we return to the states. Today has been one of the clearest days that we have had. Many days you can hardly make out the sea because of the dusty haze, but today the haze is gone and we have an awesome view of the sea.

Our work continues to move forward. The team has been working really hard on a lot of different projects that would not get done here unless we were here because they are to big for the missionary to do by himself. One of those projects was cleaning an attic type area and getting rid of a lot of the old junk and trash down and hauled off to the dump.

We have also straightened and sorted many things to make it look nice for when people come to stay. We also cleaned the volleyball court and used a roller to smooth it out. The missionary says the camp has not looked so good in a long time and the volleyball court looks like when they first put it in. We should be getting our sand and gravel to begin pouring concrete for the foundation and we are also going to try to add on a good sized section to the driveway as well. It is has been great to have so many different things to do here. We have done our best to make sure everyone gets a chance to help with all the projects.

Last night the missionary we’ve been working with surprised us with a very special treat.  He brought us mini ice cream cones filled with some amazing gelato! There were 5 flavors and enough for everyone to have two.  It was a nice treat as a thank you for all the hard work that’s been done.  Tonight they are bringing us a special dinner that is a local favorite and Saturday they are making us some real Sicilian pizza for dinner.  Needless to say, the team has been eating VERY well!

Pray for Sicily because it is a dark island spiritually. The camp we are at is the only Christian camp on the whole island. The church here is very small. Last Saturday there was a festival to Mary in the town of Ispica. Pray for revival and for the local believers to be on fire for the Lord.



  1. Stephanie (Jacob's mom)

    So thankful to hear a good update from you all. We continue to lift you up in prayer! It is truly great to see your hard work and sweet treats! We cannot wait to hear about the volcano, the food, the culture, and the people’s heart for the Lord. Continue to do your best and be a light in a very dark island in the sea.

  2. Nichole (Kelsey's mom)

    It is wonderful to get another update. Our prayers are with all the children and leaders. Great to hear that you are working hard and having fun rewards. God is good. Sweetly anticipating your safe return!

  3. It is so great hear that the team is doing well. It is also nice to hear how we can pray more effectively for the country and the missionaries. My son is (or was) a picky eater so I’m excited to hear from him how he found the food. You guys are all in our prayers.

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