The team is accomplishing a large amount of work on the Koboko base.The team is amazed at all they have done.The fence is coming along to border theproperty. The wall is going up higher and one of the rooms is almost filled with dirt to provide a base to pour the concrete floor. We have at least six trusses completed forthe roof. By tomorrow (Friday) we will be putting trusses up on the building. N Dennis, Moses, David, Tom and Michael from the Koboko base have been helping us greatly with the building projects and have added so much to our team. Sally and Tom who are at the Koboko base have been working with our team teaching us Ugandan songs. The team is excited about the foot washing outreach this Saturday. Another group of orphans arecoming to get their feet washed and newshoes and socks. We will be passing out wordless books and telling them the story of Jesus Christ. Skits, games, songs and laughter will be filling the air at the House of Justice Orphans Rescue Unit this Saturday.We are excited to see how many come to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.










  1. Great pictures! These give a real feel, for those of us at home, of what the project and people look like. Hannah, really glad we worked on sawing before you left. I guess you needed it after all. Love you!

  2. Darlene Czarnowsky

    Hi Brittny, been praying for you. Hope everything is going good for you and the others. Lots of love

  3. So excited to hear what you all are doing. Especially excited to see pictures. Cami so glad to see your face, miss you so much. Love the pictures of the children. God is smiling and so proud of you all. Blessings to you all….keeping you all lifted up in prayer. love you Cami!

  4. Barb and Ed Horn

    Go Team Uganda!! It sounds like the team is working well together to make things happen for the base, the people of the area, and God! Good to see the progress and the smiling faces of the team (yea NELI, you look happy and great! We miss you sweetie!!) Keep those updates coming!

  5. We’re praying for everybody (hi Brittny 😉 and the kids and I are wondering what the Koboko base is — what is it the kids are helping to build?

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