Bethlehem From Another View-11005

11005-bethlehem-funToday was our last day of work.  The team here has completed pouring 4,0642sq. feet of concrete for a parking lot and an art studio!  They also finished painting the pillars in the parking lot and the parking space lines.  Today was a special day for us as we ended work at noon and hiked down to Manger Square, which is where the Church of the Nativity is located and did open air presentations.  I personally thought that they would not allow us to do presentations there, because it is right in front of a mosque and being in a Muslim nation.  But praise God they let us go on and sing praises to God in Bethlehem were Jesus was born. What an exciting afternoon for our team.  We had many bystanders and tourists that took pictures of us and thanked us.  When we had finished our team split up and we went out handing out our Gospel coins to anyone we could talk to and that would listen.  The coin has John 3:16 on it and we found them to be a great way to open up a conversation with people.  I was so proud of our team today and their boldness for Christ!  Everyone that we talked to today were Muslim but we planted the seeds and God will do the rest! We have had such a wonderful time here in Bethlehem and have been blessed by the people here! Thank you so much for your prayers as our trip is winding down.



  1. Thank you for all of the updates these past several weeks, I have so enjoyed sharing them with Sara’s little sister. I was heart broken to hear that even at the birthplace of Jesus no one walks away knowing who he is but thanks to teams like you they will. All the honor and glory goes to God for all of you have done there in Israel. I’m praying for safe travels to Florida and then home. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. Thank you Mike and Michelle for such great care of all the kids you are truly a blessing in their lives.

    Sara’s mom

  2. Brian and Sally Kraus

    From the other side of the globe with the help of your web updates it gives me an excited, tingly feeling when I read all about what the leaders and BBC team are doing and have accomplished. May God continue to bless each one of you including those 3 cutie pie Meyer’s kids. What a story they each will tell when they’re all grown up and someone asks, “Where did you grow up?”

  3. Dennis and Debby Myers

    have been praying God would work out a way for you to share with the muslims praise God praying you will have a safe trip home

  4. We wish you to have a safe journey back to Florida and then on to each one’s homes. What a wonderful experience for you all! I’m sure it will be ingrained into each and everyone for a long time.
    Godspeed and safe journey.

  5. Juana Hernandez

    Thanks be to God. So many people everywhere are praying for all the TMI teams. For physical strength and for boldness to do what He commanded us to do. Well done Bethlehem team!!. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Lots of times I’m just in awe and don’t have the words to write back…I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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