Cameroon Update-11024

11024-cameroon-funWe have gotten a good start on our projects. We hauled dirt using buckets to level the floor of the clinic building and the we poured floor in two days mixing double batches by hand. It is hard work but rewarding to see all that our team has finished. We are staring on the veranda while the floor sets and then we will divide the building into four separate rooms using wood and put in the ceiling. The dirt is really red so we are all a brownish red color.

Daily life:
We get up at 6. and make our daily 20-minute walk one way to get water from the spring for filtering.  We will be in great shape when we return. We get our work site water from a river and make those runs as well. We take turns in the Prayer Closet and have daily classes. This team really loves the missionary biographies they read during library reading time. We have our evening devotions each night by campfire.  We are seeing growth in everyone. We are thankful for great health enjoyed by all and for safety on the work site. Thanks for praying!!!!

Jon-Michael, Brittnay, Sarah,Ami , William and Braxton are becoming friends and we are enjoying each one. It’s getting really fun now as we are more like a family. Our three guys from Cameroon, Vitalis , Stephen and Elvis, love being a part of the team. The other night Elvis was praising God for having something so wonderful as a tuna sandwich (his first). It made our team realize how much they take for granted.

We visited the Baka village this morning to do puppets, balloons and share the gospel.  It was good and humbling as we saw their dire living conditions.

We love you parents.  Thanks for sharing these wonderful kids with us for the summer.



  1. Becky Johnson Barker

    Thank you William and team for what you are doing!….continued good health to you… proud …so much love to you all! May God be praised in everything you do!

  2. as we pray for our children, our children are telling others about jesus. thank you jesus for loving our children and us.

  3. Brad and Susan Strickland

    So glad everyone is in good health and getting things done. Even though I miss my boy, I know he is part of a wonderful team and mission. May God continue to provide great weather, great health and more and more opportunities for sharing His word. Love, Prayers and Blessings.

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