Malawi Boat-11007—2

11007-malawiThe team has finished their last work day at the project sight in Mangochi. Today we are traveling up to Chipoka for the Preteen Commissioning service. Here are a few testimonies from the team members.
Today is our last day in Mangochi. We have done a lot of work on the BMW dorms and are finishing up a chain link fence around the garden. While wacking down some brush, me and two other girls got into some poisonous plants that made us itch so so badly. Thank goodness for Gold Bond! I’ll be glad to get back to America, but I know I’ll miss this place. Love you Mom + Dad + Zach — Kacey
Our last day on the Mangochi base has been quite eventful! After filling the foundation of the Bible school dorm and pouring the concrete floor, we were finally able to lay the first momentous bricks today. A couple other girls and I had a run in with an itchy plant. We can now look back at it all and laugh at ourselves running around, itching ourselves, and rolling in the sand. Washing our clothes was fun as the nationals weren’t satisfied with our work + scrubbed at all the spots for us. It’s been wonderful to be down here and I’ll be sad to leave. Hello to all the friends and family reading this! — Sarah
We are traveling tomorrow so that means that the people on KP got to make cinnamon rolls so Kesia and I were very excited. Everyone was working hard on the work project since it was the final day. I’m sad we are leaving but I’m excited to come home and see everyone though. — Erin
Hey everyone back home! Please email me at TMI so I can read it in Florida! — Jessica
So today is our last day in Mangochi and we finished laying the foundation yesterday. Today we worked on the fence around the garden and started brick laying. I can’t believe its already been a month since we got here. Today we also did a presentation at the Heart of Faith Rescue Unit and you could definitely see the Lord working. We had a couple dozen kids come up for an altar call and a few older man came up and talked to Adam about reassurance of salvation. I’m excited to see everyone when I get home but I’m going to miss Malawi and our team a ton! — Becky (p.s. Mom bring banana nut bread when you pick me up!)
We finished laying foundation yesterday and we began laying bricks today. So our time in Mangochi has come to an end, but its nice to know we made an impact on the lives for the people here. I’m definitely sad to be leaving Malawi, it’s so beautiful here but I’m also really excited because I get to see everyone back home! — Kattie
Today I definitely saw Jesus working through us because many people came up to accept Christ during the altar call. I laid the first two bricks and I have pictures to prove it. Also we built the fence and my team got attacked by the prickly bush. It was pathetic watching us lay on the ground as people smear gold bond on our bodies. So we have been extremely productive this trip and I’m really going to miss it here in Malawi. I’ll have to introduce you to some new foods when I get home. I love you all very much and I’ll see you very soon. Please have brownies and ice cream when I come home. — Miriam
Hey! Today we laid our first bricks! We’ve planted lots of seeds here in Mangochi! We had an alter call and felt like God was really working through us. I’m so excited to get home and see you all, but I’m going to miss Malawi and all he people here! Love you all! Love, Kayla
The Exotic Journey into Malawian Food By Ian Sutherland:
The first delectable morsel we encountered in Malawi was the wonderful duck and greens we had in Chipoka on the way to Mangochi. Then we ate samusas, little fried things with vegetables inside. Very similar to the heavenly samusas are mandasi, also known as Malawian donuts, they consist of fried dough, served straight to the 22 members and leaders and leader’s kid of the 2011 Malawi Boat team. The fourth and last dish we had was nsima, goat, and fish. Nsima is similar to porridge, but made with maize. On a more serious note, we are both sad and happy to be leaving our work in Mangochi to travel home. — Ian
2nd Report:
The team finished work in Mangochi a few days ago. The BMW building now has a solid foundation. We also built part of a wall and a fence.
The team has really enjoyed our time in Chipoka as well. We attended the Malawi preteen bootcamp commissioning service a few days ago. The team was involved in lighting the team member’s candles. This was very fun. The team also was able to repair a wall at the TMI base in Chipoka. This should prevent theft of the goats at the base.Tomorrow we will travel back to debrief in Florida. It has been a good time in Malawi.


  1. So good to hear from you bean (Kayla)! We love, love you so much and are excited to see you at the end of the week! Praying that you have a safe trip!

  2. So good to hear from you bean!! Love, love you and we are so excited to see you at the end of the week Kayla!!! We pray that you have safe travels!!!

  3. Awesome to read all of your stories and to hear about how your work has impacted the people of Malawi. We can’t wait to see you again, Ian, and to hear all your stories. May God give you a sweet parting and safe travels!

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