11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-SerbiaThings continue to go well in Serbia.  According to the counselors, a lot of the youth at the Serbian camp are being touched by the Lord.  We have had several opportunities now to interact with them as well as try some Serbian meals.  More of the Serbian youth are trying out their English now.  Andrew and Ben are especially popular and have their pictures taken with everyone.  The Serbians are not used to seeing African-Americans.  The host missionary originally warned us about that and said he was not sure how they would react.  It has been very good over all.  Even strangers in the city have come up to get their picture taken with them.  All of the youth at the camp are more eager to speak with them than anyone else.  It has given them the opportunity to be a testimony to some of the youth.

Our team got started on putting in culverts for the new driveway.  It was a good thing.  When the gravel truck came to dump the gravel over the culverts, his truck fell through the old concrete bridge driveway.  We worked a little harder and later that day to get the gravel off of the truck and then moved to the right place and make at least a temporary solid path for the cars to pass on.  We will now take down the remains of the old entrance and make it like the new one as well as fixing up the new one a little better.

The weather has cooled off a little at nights with a few rain showers here and there.  The team walked into town yesterday to fill their craving for junk food.  It was a 45 minute walk each way for some soda, ice cream, and chips.  Today they are enjoying swimming in the nearby river with the Serbian youth.  Many of them had been counting down the days until they could go home, but are now transitioning to being a little sad about how soon their time here in Serbia will end.

We continue to fight colds, runny noses, and coughs, but so far have not been slowed down too much by them.  They are all working hard on their memory verses, but Anna seems to be exceptional at her memory work.  Andrew seems to have a new burst of energy and excitement these last few days and has put a lot more energy into everything he does.  As I am reminded from the team, only 11 more days in Serbia.


  1. We are sad to have our letter returned from Serbia. We used the address in the fact sheet thinking it was the updated address that we got from TMI, but it wasn’t. Now it is too late to send more. Sorry Emily. I don’t know if the bookmark address is working. Some are using that.

  2. Yeah! these guys have been a huge blessing for the kids here in Serbia. I just got back from the camp and I can say that they are really working hard without complaining and have been a real encouragement for me and the others!

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