11070-sicily-pt-funGreetings from Centro Crescita Cristiana!

What an amazing week we have had!  It is hard to believe we only have 2 more working days left before we have to pack up and fly back for Debrief. It is going to be a very busy two days.

We got our supplies for making concrete on Thursday afternoon and got to start working on the pour first thing on Friday. It was exciting because these preteens did a great job and worked extremely hard. It was a blessing to watch them work as hard and long as they did because it was not an easy job.  We got the foundation poured for what will be a cabin to house 4-6 people for the camp. We also started to pour the drive way, which was started by a previous TMI team. It has a long way to go but Lord willing we will get it done on Monday, the 25th.  Even if we do not we are very proud of the work they have done.

Saturday was our first and only shopping day. The team went to the town of Pozallo, near the sea, and went into the different shops. They all had fun spending money and finding special souvenirs of this amazing summer.  🙂 . The day was filled with lots of good food, including gelato and coke.  In the hot afternoon sun the ice-cream melted very fast and it was very funny watching them try to lick it up before it got all over.

They also got to play at the beach for a short time which was relaxing. The waves were a little bigger, so it made for fun body surfing.

Saturday night was a blessing, as when we returned from town we had a wonderful meal waiting for us. True Italian homemade pizza!  They had toppings on pizza I would have never thought to put on pizza – like hard boiled eggs and slices of potato.   It was a big hit and we enjoyed the fellowship as much as the food. The team got some more ice-cream which was a sweet way to finish the meal. Our missionary shared a little about what this ministry does here in Sicily and it was wonderful to hear how the Lord is working here. We ended the night with a worship while our host and his family and friends listened. It was a night we all will remember and cherish for many years to come.

Thank You for all your prayers.



  1. Brianna, don’t forget my 20# wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano!

  2. Alex & Debbie Hames

    Team Sicily,
    We have enjoyed reading about your expierence in Sicily this summer, especially how the Lord has used you to be a blessing to those you have served. We can’t wait to see Blair, Carrie, Jaden, Skylar, Liam and Riley when you return home. Happy Birthday Liam and Jaden !!!

  3. Bruce and Robin Morgan

    Hey Team Sicily,

    It sounds like you guys are working hard and having a wonderfu time! This will definitely be a summer to remember. Praising the Lord in Sicily–WOW! You guys have a great couple of days before you start your journey home. We love you Seuraya and can’t wait to hug you tight!

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