11026-zimbabwe-funHello from Zimbabwe! This past week has been a busy one for our team. On Wednesday, our team traveled to a local hospital offering prayer to the sick, and sang songs of joy. There were no doctors or nurses in the rooms, in fact, we never saw one health care facilitator. The patients sat in old iron beds with various colored fleece blankets. The girls took turns in each of the rooms praying for the patients, or offering up words of encouragement. We continue to be humbled by how gracious and welcoming the people of Zimbabwe are. On Thursday, we were able to visit an elementary school, and put on a presentation for them. The children loved the puppets, and the girls were able to wash the feet of all of the orphans in the school and give them a pair of shoes. Several children accepted Christ as their Savior after the John 3:16 skit. On Saturday, some of the local children and orphans came to base to visit with us. (A 1 mile walk, by themselves, some barely 4 yrs old) The girls sang and put on a puppet show. Again, after the John 3:16 skit, 20 more children accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We had around 100 decisions for Christ this week. The people in Zimbabwe are much more receptive to the word of the Lord, than those back in the states. On Friday night, Bobbi and Suzanne made the girls pizza for a special treat. All of the girls loved it, and the girls told them that they are happy that their cooking has much improved since Boot Camp. =)

The team is doing well, and even adjusting to our lovely squatty potties. We still have some colds, and runny noses, but no major illnesses. The girls are doing well, and their only complaint here has been the lovely rooster which begins crowing around 4:30 every morning. The girls have also complained a bit about the ice cold showers, but again, they are good sports and very flexible. We’ve also been enjoying the goats here which we must constantly shew away from our dishline. Each night, a different team member leads devotions. Abby did hers on growing in the Lord, Ezzie’s was on the Armor of God, Hannah’s was on the different names and their meanings for the Lord, and Courtney gave a devotion and verses on treasuring your purity with the Lord.

As Mary treasured things in her heart, so do we as leaders, treasure watching the girls grow and mature in Christ. We’ve seen bad attitudes turn towards ones of joy. We’ve seen rebellious spirits change into humble spirits, and greatest of all, we’ve seen the girls love and passion for Christ grow stronger everyday. We all feel it is truly a priviledge to help lead such an amazing team of teens. As always, it’s a great day here in Zimbabwe.
Many Blessings,
Claimet, Bobbi, and Suzanne


  1. It’s amazing how God works without the daily distractions of American living. What an awesome opportunity to see the children saved at a young age and able to serve the Lord the rest of their lives. It would interesting to see if they grew to be missionaries in their community.

  2. What amazing things the Lord can do through us when we are willing to be used. So very exciting to hear of the many hearts God has changed and how open they are to hear His gospel of grace. Keep serving Him!!! Praying for you all as you wrap up your summer. May you never be the same.

  3. We’re so thankful for this link to share & show us the answers to our prayers & the fruits of your labor for the glory of the Lord! We miss & love you Ez. Keep the faith and “Armor Up” every day as you follow & serve Him along the Way. Sounds like song lyrics!? Can’t wait to get to see you. Aunt Lanny cut a pretty flower from our garden & placed it on the kitchen window sill as a reminder to keep you covered in prayer. We think of & pray for you often. Love & a Hug – Uncle B.

  4. I feel tears coming as I think about these teenage girls making such a difference for our Savior and Lord! We love you Ezzie and can’t wait to see what a difference this trip has impacted you and others! May God’s grace be upon you all as you travel the rest of the way.

  5. We are so excited to see how God is using you all! Praying for you as He takes you out of your comfort zones. It is so wonderful to get another report. Love you so much, Taylor!

  6. Again I am humbled by your update. Praise God for all the new believers! I will keep them and all of you in my prayers. What a great treat getting home made pizza. It must rip your hearts out to see these dear, poor children suffering so. You are indeed a real blessing to them, keep on going in Jesus name.

  7. Great News! Around 100 decisions for Christ? Praise be to God for His abundant blessings! May God continue to bless their efforts and protect Him by His power and grace!

  8. Oh thank you Lord, over 100 new souls in the kingdom, halleluja!!!! Water and protect those seeds Lord! What an amazing trip so far, couldn’t be more thankful for this ministry and allowing the girls to participate in something so eternal!

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