Chile/Peru -11010

11010-chile-funGreetings! All is well in Peru! We can´t believe we have less than two weeks left! The kids spent the morning mixing concrete and filling the footers and getting nice and dirty. We hope to be laying block soon! God has blessed us with dry weather, which really helps our progress.

We had an exciting sightseeing day yesterday. We traveled an hour by boat down Lake Yarina Cocha to the village of San Fransisco. The team spent time shopping for Peruvian souveniers and taking pictures. We got back on the boats and headed in the opposite direction to a jungle zoo. We saw many unusual animals, some kids had their picture taken with the parrot and some with the anaconda! It was exciting!! After we returned on the boats we sampled some delicous Peruvian food. Some of us had rice with chicken and red onion salsa, some Wani – which is
rice, chicken, egg and spice served in a steamed banana leaf and some had grilled piranha! We ended our day with some delicious icecream and a walk through the town plaza.

We will be visiting a new church on Sunday and sharing a presentation of praise, puppets and drama. We hope to visit another school next week that Teen Missions helped build many years ago.
The team is doing much better physically, almost all sickness is gone. Praise the Lord!

Our team has evening devotions every night, and this time is becoming more and more precious to us. We open with pray and sing a few praise and worship songs, then one of  team members shares their testimony and what God is teaching them. It is such a blessing to hear them share their struggles and the things they are learning and then to sit back and listen to the other team members encourage the one sharing. I love it!

We are so very blessed to have you kids with us this summer! We could not ask for a better team. Please continue to lift us and the church here in your prayers. Please know they all love and miss you, but God is working greatly in each life here!


Hello everyone! Things are still hot and dry in Peru! The team has been working hard, they mixed and poured concrete past dinner time Saturday night. We were trying to get a huge section poured. They had great attitudes and were rewarded with Brian´s homemade pizza and cold Coca-Cola. Today they visited a new church and shared through songs, puppets and wordless bracelets with the adults and

We would like to share a few words from the team members and leaders in this update:

Taking three years of French has not helped me in a Spanish speaking country, but I haven´t accidentally bought a goat or anything yet. Love to thepeople!     Molly

Pucallpa round two is even more amazing! So thankful I´m here. Remind me to thank Señor Pysher. The only truly tragic thing right now is my lack of chicken bacon ranch pizza. It´s like whatever, though. Love you all oodles!     Sara

I should´ve paid more attention in Spanish……Peru is awesome! The people here are great and I am glad God sent me here. The end.     Jonny

The giraffes are well. I haven´t elbow dropped a ravine. Hope your not all starving. Love,  Alison

Alison Febreezed a spider to death for me. Also, I´m coming back here next year. Also, I love you. See you soon!     Keisha

Hey Mom and Dad.  I love you and miss you. Pucallpa is very busy. Every evening we spend time with the local Peruvians. I have become good friends with Wellington. Pastor Dimas and Judy are very happy that we are here, as well as the whole congregation. I can´t believe we only have a little over a week left. I love you all! Tony A.

Hi. I love you.    The Mr. Emannuel White

Everyone Hi! Love you and miss you. Look forward to seeing you soon!    Matt

Hey Mom, Grandma and Maw-Maw! Love you and miss you! Can´t wait to see you!   Caroline

I love the Tuttles! Love you and miss you bunches!    Ben  (We did not make him write that!)

Having fun! Alive and love the people in Peru: See you in a couple of weeks.   Bryce

Taylor doesn´t know what to say, but he loves you.    Taylor

Glad to be back in Peru! Wish you guys were here. I´m learning a lot. Just got to see Uncle Dan!    Hannah

I love Peru! It´s beautiful! I´m really going to miss the people, I love them so much!    Summer

Hey everyone! Peru is absolutely beautiful…I love it! Can´t wait to see you all soon!    Amara

I love Peru, but I really miss everyone at home! See you soon!   Emily

Hi Mom and Dad! Miss you and love you! I love Peru – it is awesome here!  Heather

Mom and Dad, I miss you and I can´t wait to see your faces! Don´t worry, I´m bringing lots of gifts!   Kami

Dear Madre y Padre – I miss you , can´t wait to come home, but I love it here and don´t want to leave!   Antonio

Hey Mom and Dad, things are going well here. I can´t believe we only have nine days left! I can´t wait to share with you all that God has done here in Peru and through the team this summer.   Rebekah

We are so happy to be here and to be working with this great team! God is definitely working in their lives! We must admit that we are really missing our boys and look forward to our WHOLE family being together August 10th! Love you Wes and Seth!    Brian and Amber



  1. That is right Jessie, that is right! 🙂

  2. Your whole family including me Ms. Amber 😉

  3. Loved the LONG updates and the personal notes from everyone! We’re continuing to pray for you all! Jan Ott

  4. We are so happy they are all doing GREAT! Praise the LORD!

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