Honduras Horse Update-11028

11028-honduras-funThe footer was finished on Thursday and we made about 480 blocks in a week which was a great success. On Friday we rode for two hours to a village to do a presentation and preach the Word of God. On our way to the village, we were delayed becase the Honduras people were opening a new bridge and the Governor had to cut the ribbon, but we weren´t complaining because the community invited us to have free food which we enjoyed greatly. While we were waiting, there was a huge rain fall—no one was hurt, but we all were soaking wet. A tree almost fell on one of our horses but prasie God it did not. When we finally got to the village, we found out that none of the girls would be able to perform unless they were wearing skirts while in the church. Praise God, they let us borrow some of their skirts so the girls were able to preform and it went well. We left the village with none that we know accepting Jesus as their Savior, but there was a lot of encouragement and seeds planted. We stopped at a near-by village the same day we left the other village to do another presentation, but no adults would come because they were catholic, but that did not stop God from working in the hearts of the teens and kids. There were 10 decisions for Him!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!
It rains alot here, but not enough to stop us from doing what God has called us to do here in Honduras or affect our work project, but enough to get us soaking wet 🙂


  1. Thank you Beth for the updates and the pictures. They are filling the gap because I haven’t gotten a letter from Steven yet. Past history tells me that all of his letters will arrive the day after he gets home 🙂 Praising God for your service to Him.

  2. No we did not hear from Kiana directly. But we received an emergency phone call informing us that she was kicked by a horse and that they were taking her to a hospital in order to get x-rays. That was a big scare for us, and would have loved to be able to speak with her for even a minute to hear from HER that she was ok.
    It was not broken or permanently damaged. That is all we know. I’m sure she was/is in a lot of pain and were praying they were helpful to her through that situation. She is in God’s hands…..they all are. He knows best, and there is no accident to them being there. That is what keeps us going right now. Thanks for the concern!

  3. I was wondering where the 2 pictures of the kids in Honduras went? There was one of them building and another of an evangelistic meeting. They were here yesterday. But are not up at this time (9:30 CST) on Wednesday evening.

  4. Hi Monica,
    Yes, they are. I can see my son in one of them. It was a gift from heaven to see him.

  5. Are those two pics from the real team in Honduras right now?

  6. Wow! Look at that deluge. Isn’t it amazing to see them working so diligently.
    Hey CJ, have you heard from Kiana directly? How did you know she was kicked? Is she okay now?

  7. Anybody got any updated pics?

  8. Don’t we all crave for personal reports? Though the team reports are awesome =)

  9. I love u Kiana I hope u r playing guitar a lot being that’s how u touch lives and signed up for. Stay safe and continue to seek the lord and his awesome wisdom. I hope yur knee is doing all right after being kicked from a HORSE. LOVE daddy.!

  10. These young missionaries prove that they serve an amazing God! It would be nice to see a picture of all of them together (especially if my daughter is holding a sign that says “I love daddy”). Thank you and may God bless you Chico and Cathy.

  11. Oh Lord thanks so much for the news from the Honduras Horse Team =) We pray for you so much.

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