Hope School-11018

11018-hope-schoolWe had a great day yesterday. The team walked into Bethlehem (about 45 minutes) and met the Bethlehem Bible College team at their site. We walked to the Emmanuel church about 10 minutes away and enjoyed fellowhip there. Then we came back to the college and had lunch and games with them. It was a relaxing time.
Linda, the cook from the school, has cooked a few Palastinian dishes for us since we have been here. They have been delicious, though we are getting used to the new spices!
We are really progessing on the fence and should be done the main part soon. The painting is completed (our part), and another group will be coming in September to do more painting. Lots to be done. We are surely enjoying our time here and have made many friendships that will last. We will be sorry to say good bye when the time comes.
We hope to go to the Dead Sea and Jericho later this week. It has been very hot and dry, but last week we had a few days of 60s at night, which was nice. It is now back to being hot!
Thanks for praying.


  1. I look forward to your next transmission – esp. look forward to more pictures (the ones we’ve seen have been so good. Also, we got the first letter, so it must take about two weeks. And, I do not know if the team members get to know about these, but if they do, I want Isaac to know we cleaned his car – thoroughly. This is partly due to his being so unselfish to let others use it right after he cleaned it. We are praying for you all.

  2. Linda was the cook when I was at Hope School. She is a real gem – I learned so much from her about graciousness and hospitality! Please let her know that she is fondly remembered! You are all in my prayers and I enjoy the updates!

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