11022-mongolia-funWe spent an hour at the internet cafe last week but could not get pictures to download. Thursday our mini bus broke down so today we have a lot to report. It has been a very busy week. In addition to doing presentations in three different churches we were allowed to visit the state run orphanage and do a gospel presentation for about 60 people. There was a great response. We have all so been working with Jubilee at the Teen Missions summer house. The work projects have been going well. We have poured side walks, painted the exterior done landscaping all in a beautiful mountain setting. We bathe in an ice-cold mountain stream, cook on a wood burning stove and sleep under the beautiful Mongolian stars. We are now back in the city to do more work on the apartment in town. So far everyone is healthy and we are accident free. Continue to pray God blesses our ministry in this beautiful country. God Bless from Mongolia.


  1. Praying for and thinking of of you Donovan. Abbey is so wishing she went somewhere this summer….Next year! Blessings to all of you!

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