OA II – 11025

11025-oa-ii-funGreetings all OA MSSM II parents from the beautiful land of Zambia. Each one of your precious teens sends their love and want you to know we all are having a tremendous ministry. To date, we have recorded 188 decisions for Christ and have ministered to over 350 children and adults – PTL! We have been on the MSSM circuit this past week and are down to four motorbikes presently, but God is providing transportation with our truck so both – motorbikes and the truck – are utilized on the circuit. All of us are healthy -(except for one day when some of us had some stomach ailment, but the next day we were all fine) – PTL! We will be out on the circuit this week so you will not hear from us until next Tuesday or Wednesday when we return to the TMI Ndola base. We are planning to return next Tuesday – August 2 to Ndola. We will provide you with a brief report from each one of us at that time. You are a vital part of our team as you uphold us in prayer each day – Thank You 🙂 Our next report will be much longer.
Love you all,
Joe Vile for OA MSSM II – Jess, Matt, Sarah, Graham, Jay, Taylor, Abigail,
Joey, Andrew, Eric, Jillian, and Moe.
Philippians 1:6 / 4:13 / Deut. 31:8



  1. Abigail B. Keep up the great work! I am so amazed at the number of lives you have already touched (and those numbers only reflect the ones you know about)! Blessings to you and your team!

  2. How exciting to hear of such an amazing harvest already in your journey! Praise the Lord of the Harvest!!! Prayers are lifted here very often on behalf of the team and those whose lives are being touched by you. Love and hugs to Jess and the rest of you!- Linda

  3. God Bless and Godspeed for Team OA/MSSM II. PTL for the many decisions for Christ so far. The harvest is plentiful, thanks to the OA Team for being the harvesters in our stead. God’s Blessings for safety, mission success and spiritual strengthening for all the Team. Prayers and love being sent continually! Moe’s Mom & Dad

  4. Abby B it looks like from the picture above you are having fun. sounds like you are touching lives… keep it up. thanks for all you are doing…. the Neva Family.

  5. thank you for the update! amazing work God is doing in Zambia with the aid of this willing team! Glad to hear you are all feeling better and will definitely be looking forward to your next update when you return….God keep you safe and healthy and bring many souls to Christ! Abigail B…..I love that smile and YOU!

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