11001-SwitzerlandGreetings from cold damp Switzerland!  It’s hard to believe we have only one more day in this beautiful country!  The team has been having such an amazing week that last Sunday seems to long ago.  The weather has continued to be cold and wet but this has not hindered the team’s determination to complete their projects.  They were able to expand the parking lot, lay out a gravel base & even place brick markers in the ground to identify parking spaces (which the missioanries here were suprised to see us complete).

Due to our cold wet weather our last day of touring had been on hold.  Friday we took a risk and headed up to the Niederhorn, one of the highest montians on Lake Thun.  The team enjoyed riding on a cable railway 1/2 way up the mountian & then a gondola/ski lift up the remainer of the mountian.  We all enjoyed a sack lunch at 1900 meters (or about 6400 feet). The entire journey from the lake to top of the mountian was almost a 5000 foot accention.  The weather held off for most of our visit.  We were able to take amazing photos of the surounding area, although we were unable to view much of the alps due to low cloud cover.  On our decent of the mountian we stopped of at a location that allowed us to take “Trotti Bikes,” giant scooters on a 6 km decent down the mountian.  Many of the team members enjoyed the fast trip down the moutian and wanted to make the decent again!

Due to our poor weather we have been having the missionary here opened up one of the fellowship halls on the property for the team to sleep in for the last two nights they are here.  The team members are excited about the opportunity to sleep indoors due to the low tempetures and wet tents/sleeping bags.  Tomorrow night the missionaries are planning a genuine Swiss meal for us & everyone is looking forward to enjoying the flavors of this country (we anticipate cheese and chocolate!).

Thank you for your prayers for us this summer, it has been amazing to enjoy God’s creation in this beautiful coutnry & participate in the YWAM ministry here in Einigen.


Earlier today I asked a few team members to jot down some of their favorite memories from Switerzland, this is what some of them had to say:

“When we had like a mini typhoon and our tents were destroyed so for 2, count them 2, nights the girls got to sleep in the Schlossli ( little castle in German) and the beds were so soft.  While the guys stayed in the Chalet and slept on cots” – Lisa

“We scootered down the Niederhorn and Lisa and I got lost in the Alps.  We had fun, though!” – Katt

“I loved flying down the mountian on scooters” – Cori

“When we got rampled on by those crazy kids on like the 3rd night here.  It was so funny!  We all had a great laugh!” – Karrah

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