Zambia Bridge-11021

11021- Zambia Bridge11021-Zambia BridgeWe have set the four main poles and set the concrete.  The team worked well together.  We mixed 11 bags of cement and poured the concrete in the settings of the four poles at the creek.  All holes are dug, all poles are at each spot ready to set today.  We will mix more concrete and set all poles.  The 3×6 are all painted with the preservative and we should start getting them all notched and ready to set tomorrow.  We will then start decking preparing to slide the nine meter monsters across the creek.  The friendships we have made with Nick and Nicky ( the local man that runs and owns the saw mill) has been a blessing.
Yesterday, Sunday, we had a great service with Millan and his church.  Then a great lunch of beef pot pie with extra gravy.  We then all changed and went to Nicks as they had invited us to swim in their lake which is the source of the Consoka river over which we are building the bridge.  We arrived and swam and then Leah their daughter and Abby got the horses out and allowed many that wanted to, to ride.  It was an enjoyable afternoon with them and their children.  Nick took a group down to his big lake to see the crocodile and to see his ranch.  The other group took the horses back up to the barn and helped Leah put up all the tack.  We have invited them and their family for dinner tonight with us.  They have agreed to come and we will do our best to welcome them and to thank them for their kindness.
I will travel on the bike today to Chingola to get some saw blades to notch the 3x6s and the 9 meter poles.  We should start drilling holes for the bolts this afternoon or tomorrow.  Decking should begin by Wednesday.  We have a hard working team and they have responded well to the set backs.  We anticipate completing the bridge and also helping with the construction or reconstruction of a congregants burnt house.
Kristen Miller does very well with the children.  Joel Sorrenson along with Chris, Caleb, Andy, and Tate are the work leaders and really get the project moving.  Alex and Colin are certainly not lazy and work very hard. The girls have given the guys a run for their money too as the four of them unloaded a full load of lumber by themselves.  All in all they work really well together. Kirby still amazes everyone with his strength and his insight. John Mark is the team mascot and is always here and there working with the team.
Amy Ann and Molly have done an amazing job feeding the team and the food has been great—hot chocolate and coffee in the morning and usually a hot meal to warm their bellies before bed.
It is still cold and my hands and fingers are numb as I type this.
I had the privilege to preach Sunday and five nationals came forward.  I lead them in the sinners prayer, but also noticed they were the same five that had come forward last week.  Nevertheless God is working within the team and these people.  The children love to be loved by the team.


  1. Thanks for the up-date. Didn’t see Micah’s name in the report and praying all is going well with him. Send love to him from his parents. hugs, Debbi

  2. Always good to hear what God is doing in the lives of all those who have gone with the group. Amy Ann, we are missing you love, keep them fed and you stay healthy. Can’t wait to hear all the news of what God has done with you all. God is good. We are praying for all of you

  3. I am so thankful for the update.

  4. Hi Zambia Bridge,
    Sure was good to hear from you. See you are all getting a lot of work done. Sorry to hear it is still cold. Praying for the team in completion of project and many souls saved. Hope JP is ok and working hard, did not see his name on report. My prayers are with you all for health and joy in following Gods will in your mission. Love you JP and your team. God Bless you All JP’s Mom Cathyrn

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