11003-atw-russia-funATW has arrived safely at Debrief. They look exhausted from their travels, so they will probably be sleeping this afternoon.



  1. Stan & Merrily Cundiff

    How do we send emails?

  2. Stan & Merrily Cundiff

    LOL! Can’t wait to see Rachel and hear about their adventures and how God has used the team and changed them.

  3. Christi Ferguson

    Can’t wait to see Samantha on Saturday! Any chance you want to send her home early :o)

    Can we send emails? Just wondering….

  4. Thanks so much for understanding. Do you think you can get their days and nights straight? Hope debrief is wonderful!

  5. Stan & Merrily Cundiff

    Glad to hear they made it back safely. Look forward to seeing Rachel Friday night!

  6. Vern & Edith Martin

    So glad to finally hear from ATW team. We sure missed getting reports and hearing about any of their experiences. May the LORD bless them and all
    their ministry efforts. Grandma & Grandpa Martin

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