Greetings from the village of Mbang.

Work project
We have started framing the walls for the room separation in the clinic. We also dug out and put the footer in for the veranda around the clinic and also started the veranda around the school classrooms. We are getting good at block laying and mixing concrete.  Nailing the wood is challenging as it is solid mahogany.  We have to make a gravel run every day and we take turns loading and unloading the truck. We are so glad we have the TMI truck with us as it has been a blessing.

Daily Life:
Each morning still begins with a water run to the spring. The girls enjoy walking down together in the afternoon to wash our hair. On Sunday we attended Living Water Church. We sang and did puppets which everyone really enjoyed. Our head leader, Tom Maher, preached the sermon. At breakfast Sunday morning, Mrs Maher made pancakes for the team and some guest missionaries. Nathan Conrad and five Baka men were here.  Nathan, who has worked among the Baka for six years, speaks the language and is working on building Baka discipleship classes. He told us so many interesting facts about the Baka. The one that was sobering was that the infant mortality rate is very high and that the majority of the Baka are malnourished. We were blessed on Sunday night when the Baka joined us around our fire and sang for us.  It was a great time of fellowship.

Jon-Michael slept all day Sunday, so a leader stayed with him. We honestly think he was worn out. After a day of rest he has been as lively as ever.  We love him is a real clown. William and Sara have been recording little mini videos on their camera that are rather amusing. Brittnay is definitely not our morning girl. It is a daily goal to get her to smile before 6:30. Ami had good devos the other day and shared an encouragement with the team. Braxton loves to gather wood with our Africans each night and get the fire started. Lisa is doing well and learning how to cook Josiah is helping treat a Baka girl with a severe infection on her foot. Vitalis killed a dangerous snake last night. We are all grateful and Josiah freaked.

We are all enjoying good health and are so grateful for your prayers for our team.

Cameroon team



  1. DeDe (Lisa's mom)

    GREATLY enjoy the updates on all the team is doing. Definitely praying for all of you and especially for the hearts of the tribes people. Continue the good work.

  2. Love these updates! So excited for all the work that is being done and the lives that will forever bwe changed as a result of all God will do through your obedience. Steadfast in prayer for you all!! Donn Frey

  3. Becky Johnson Barker

    Besides the other spontaneous times of prayer for all of you,..I fall asleep in the quietness praying for your effectiveness in every way..for safety and good health for enough water…good relationships…good examples to each other and to all who watch you…please tell us what to ask our Heavenly Father for….Don and Becky Barker (Williams uncle and aunt) ;love you and believe in what you are doing.

  4. We just got from spending a week out in the East… The team is doing awesome, check out the photos I put on FB:

  5. Thank you for the consistent reports from Cameroon! It’s wonderful to hear that the project is coming along nicely and that you are able to interact with the Baka. Our God is so good! We can’t wait to see those amusing videos when Sarah arrives home! Tell Vitalis thank you from the parents of these teens for killing that snake (and any more that he sees)! You are all in our daily prayers!
    Jeff and Darlene Clark

  6. Tracey Murphree

    thank you so much for the updates We love to her how the kids and leaders are doing. I absolutely love to her the kids by name and what they are up to, It is a glimpse into their world. It made me giggle to hear about Brittany’s mornings… that is my goal too, all smiles latter in the day but those monings… she is my morning SUNSHINE:) thank to all you do, praying for all of Teen Missions… love you guys

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