11013-ecuador-funSorry it has been so long since an update has been sent. The Internet has been down here in Ecuador until today, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to send this report. The weather has been cold, sometimes rainy and cloudy and foggy. Several team members have been battling colds, coughs and runny noses. We are thankful our team members haven’t suffered from anything more serious health wise.

On Sunday morning, our team members went to a different church in Latacunga. The team was able to share their presentation that included several songs, two of them in Spanish, and personal testimonies from Christian and Katerina. You could really see the Lord shining through all the team members as they put their whole heart into their presentation. We came back to the base and did our memory verse review and also got in some much needed rest. Each night during our group devotions, the team members have been taking turns leading the service and giving a personal testimony. Last night it was Kristen’s turn, and she shared about her personal battle when she lost her mother to cancer four years ago and how the Lord has taught her that her mom’s death was something she can now be thankful for because of her closer walk with the Lord and how others have grown closer to the Lord through her mom’s home going. What a blessing it has been to see our team members grow in the Lord this summer and how they are allowing the Lord to work in their lives!

The work project is going well. They are continuing building the walls on the second floor of the apartment. Hopefully that will be completed this week, and we will be able to start putting a roof on! That is our goal! Everyone is eager to work and get as much accomplished as possible. On Wednesday, we will be traveling to the town of Banos for some sightseeing and shopping, and on Saturday we are hoping to spend the afternoon doing evangelism at a nearby park.

Please continue to pray for each of our 13 team members, two assistant leaders, two head leaders and their  three children. God has blessed us with an awesome team. We feel like family, and I know once this summer has ended, it will be very hard to say goodbye. Thank you to all those who are continually praying for us and supporting us. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without you.

Below is a personal testimony from team member James:

“Nearly two weeks have gone by since me and the team first arrived here in Ecuador. After all of the chaos we encountered flying here, we were able to settle down and get to work on the projects around the base. As of now, the team is working on completing the second floor of George and Allie’s apartment, painting and tiling their first floor and slinging mortar on the outside walls. We hope that we will roof the second floor before our time is up, and I’m confident we will.

I really appreciate the Lord sending me here to Ecuador. My team members are awesome, my leaders are faithful followers of the Word, and the Lord has drawn me closer to him as time here has progressed. While I was at Boot Camp, the first few days in particular, all I could think about was my own discomforts and me wanting to go home. But as Boot Camp progressed, I learned that it’s not about me, but it’s about the Lord and getting the Lord’s work done. If it wasn’t for the strict time schedule and the threat of special blessings, we wouldn’t be as productive on the field as we’ve been. We also wouldn’t of appreciated the upgrade from tents to bunk beds if it wasn’t for bootcamp.

Anyways, time’s flying fast over here. Before we know it, we’ll be at Debrief, and after that, home, reunited with our families. When I get home, I’ll probably get team sick. Alright, back to work. There’s mortar that needs to be mixed.”



  1. Cindy,can’t wait to hear all about your mission trip to Ecuador. I know God has sustained you, has blest you, and has used you to honor Him. You have been prayed for daily, and missed every hour. Never forget the things that God has taught you on this trip, nor the people who’s lives you have touched for Him. God loves you, and so do I..

  2. Praise God for what He has done for the team Ecuador. I am praying for your safe return home! It was great hearing from you guys and how the Lord has been working in your lives.

  3. Praising God for what is being accomplished through Team Ecuador. It blesses my heart to read your testimonies. God be with you all.

  4. God Bless each and every one of you. The Lord has really brought your team together, as a family. I love to read all of the updates and hear what a wonderful job you all are doing, and being a great blessing to the people there. God Bless and Keep you safe.

  5. I wonder what ya’ll will look like when you return? What will be the first food or drink you will want? You are living your testimony now. Bring it home for all your friends to share. Who knows you may change their lives. They will find it hard to understand that you gave up your summer to help others. You did it and God will bless you for it. See you in two weeks. 🙂

  6. So excited to read all the updates! Love to see how the Lord is working in the lives of the team members/leaders. Awesome testimonies…keep them coming! Continuing to pray for everyone. Glad all is going well!

  7. What an awesome update! It brought tears to my eyes to read about how our Lord is moving in the lives of Team Ecuador. Kristen’s mother was a beautiful Christian & we all loved her dearly. James’ personal testimony related how hard Boot Camp was but now how they can appreciate the upgrades and how the team is now truly “family.” They’ve gone from “home sickness” to probable ‘team sickness” when this summer is over! We serve an awesome God and we praise Him for His provisions & protection for ALL teams!!

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