Ecuador Pictures-11013




  1. Wonderful pictures!!! great to see what our kids are doing for the Lord!!!

  2. That is Kristen! I see Cindy, too! It’s amazing to see them dressed in winter clothes when it’s so hot here in S.C.. Enjoy the cooler weather!

  3. Look at Kristen! She will be able to teach Matthew and James a few things. I love the background in pic #2 with Jonathan. It has to be beautiful to see such a beautiful sky everyday. Love seeing you all.

  4. I find it hard to believe I see some of you wearing hoodies when it is 100 + here in SC. If you get too cold just think of what you left behind. Keep the pictures coming.

  5. 2nd picture: Look at our Jonathan! I thinks he’s grown a foot since we last saw him on July 9th at the Commissioning Service! He’s probably speaking Spanish, too!!
    3rd picture: I think that’s Annabelle & Allison at the first table. Big Mama misses her “Treasures”, their parents & Kristen & Cindy. We are so proud of Team Ecuador!!

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