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11027-malawi-tumbuka-funGreeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Friend, our Protector, our Provider, our King, our Savior. We have been doing well here in the wilds of Africa. Our work here in Malawi has shifted from the Rescue Unit to backpacking. We have come to a halt on our pillars because we have run out of cement. We have sought after and prayed for cement in the closest town to use as well as the next two further ones but have found none. We have a pastor who has been going to different projects around us asking if they can spare some. We have heard no news yet. It is because of the political unrest that no trucks have been delivering any goods (the unrest is in the larger cities—it is not affecting us where we are except in getting supplies). Pray that it stops so we can continue on the Unit project.

Friday was the day we switched over from the unit to backpacking and so far we have gone to a local soccer field in the town of Jarira.The team did a presentation for the people and 23 people accepted Christ including three chiefs! They were driving by and saw the team doing a  puppet presentation. They asked the driver to stop and came over to see the rest of the presentation. After the Gospel was shared and a request made for salvation, the three chiefs accepted Christ! Praise the Lord! The Chiefs were not from this area but we pray that their people will benefit from their decision and that many more will come to the Lord.

The weather has been consistent with the highs in the 40’s in the morning and mid 80’s in the afternoon. There has been no rain.

This next week we plan to backpack to other local villages and see God work as He always does. The team is excited to backpack. Please pray for out feet, that they will be healthy and blister free.

All right, I (Josiah) am adding this part. Praise the Lord!! Yesterday Gift and I were able to travel and find cement in another town. As of right now, we have continued construction of the Rescue Unit and hopefully will be able to finish it before we leave. The political unrest is also quieting down. The Lord truly answers our prayers.

Team member testimony. Megan Wonderly. 7/24/11

Hey everybody! Greetings from Tumbuka, Malawi.
We’ve been pretty busy these past few days, though I suppose we’ve been busy ever since we got here. Construction wise we are working on the foundation of the Rescue Unit, but we’ve run out of cement and haven’t had an oppurtunity to get more yet. Because of that, we’ve been working on clearing the field and road, and are switching focus to more backpacking and evangelizing. Just yesterday we went down to a village and did an open-air presentation. The kids loved the puppet songs ( paired with the energetic choreography from Abi and Madison) and Isaiah and Isaac tried their hand at ballon animals. A few days ago we saw a chameleon in the tree by our dishline. We all got pretty excited about that, Particularly Brenna, who’s always catching the horned lizards around here. Last night after evening devotions we got popcorn and soda pop, which tasted  wonderful. Being in the African bush where that sort of this is more of a novelty definately makes it taste better. In fact I think most food tastes wonderful around here. One of the highlights of these past few days being David’s brownies when he was on KP. Today was a day packed in itself, beginning at 6:30 AM ( we got to sleep in an hour because it’s Sunday) with Justin’s wake up call rendition of some songs from The Lion King!! For church, we walked up the road to a small church building, except for Madison and Charissa, who stayed here with Shannon and Justin for KP and to hold down the fort. The church had only holes for windows and doors, mats instead of pews, and the ceiling was so low most of the guys had to watch their heads. But it’s not high ceillings or stained glass windows that makes a church. They asked us to present, which included songs, testimonies, and a message. Michael and Sarah both gave testimonies, and I gave a (very) short message. Not long ago, if you’d have told me that I was going to give a message at a church in Africa, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I guess God works in ways we don’t always expect. After getting back to our base, we divided the kids who had come to sunday school into 3 groups and taught some phonics. I was teaching in a group with Joey and Melanie, and Joey is a great “Do as I do” game leader.(“Do as I do” is kind of like simon says)  though from what I saw Seth looks pretty good at it was well. It’s a lot of fun teaching the kids and watching them learn. That’s about all there is to report. All in all, we are doing well. Please keep us in your prayers. Bye for now,
Megan Wonderly

And that is the end of the report. Once again I hope and pray that you are all doing well back at the main base. thanks for

all that you do for us.
Josiah Baker



  1. What a wonderful report and an answer to prayer. I was concerned when I heard about the unrest in Malawi, but it sounds like it is dying down. Ya’ll sure are working hard – keep it up for the next couple of weeks! We sure miss you and are praying for all of you everyday. With love and prayers – Joey’s mom

  2. Jeanie and Mark Wodka

    Hi Team,
    So exciting, everything God is doing through you. I praise Him for the many people who came to him through your presentation along with the 3 chiefs. Who knows what effects this will have. Praise him for the cement and your continuing work on the unit! I’m so thankful for all of you and how you’re serving Him. Don’t grow weary of doing good… David, grandma and grandad wanted me to let you know they are thinking and praying for you, as are we. I’m expecting brownies when you come home. Love, mom

  3. What a wonderful report! I can see God’s hand at work and will be praying for the rest of the journey. I do hope that the building started there will come to completion with the needed supplies. Hey to JOEY! 🙂 Praying for you buddy!
    I look forward to hearing future reports.
    God Bless you all!
    Emily Byrd
    Richmond, VA

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