11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-Trinidad11015-TrinidadOn Thursday, 21 July 11, the team finished tying the steel for the trenches and started mixing concrete and pouring the foundation of the pastor’s house. Trini construction workers were out working the team; however, as time went on, the work ethic of the team quickly surpassed that of the Trini workers. Soon, all of the Trinis,  except three, weren’t  doing any work with the team and were instead standing in the shade and watching the work continue without them. The plan was for the team to eat in shifts, because, once you start to pour concrete it is best not to stop; however, after the first shift came, the kitchen ladies looked our the window and saw the rest of the team coming up to the kitchen as the Trini workers had decided that it was time to stop working and go eat lunch. After lunch, the team was back on the worksite and diligently mixing and pouring concrete. Around five o’clock, the Trini construction workers decided that it was time to stop working and go home, which they did, but the team banded together and decided to keep going, which they did, because they understood the importance of getting as much done at one time. In fact, they kept working until 3 AM the next morning when they ran out of supplies. Watching them was absolutely amazing! Even though the work was hard, it was late, and they were all tired, there were very few complaints. The testimony they provided was astounding. Because of the late night, the next day the team was allowed to sleep in. That day was more laid back than the other days because of their hard work the night before. The team did not go our on the worksite that day, rather they did their classes, washed clothes, and worked on memorizing their memory verses. That evening, Tinis from the church came to fellowship with the team. Several of the Trinis played games with the team while others prepared a fantastic meal of “Bake and Shark” for the team, which is simply a sandwich with shark meat in it instead of beef or chicken. These were absolutely delicious!  The next day the team was back on the worksite mixing and pouring concrete.  Part way through the morning, it began to rain very hard, but the team kept working until there was too much rain for them to continue to pour concrete. Only one trench was left unfinished.  The team cleaned up, put on their travel clothes and went sightseeing.  Pastor Gerald took them to a pottery factory and a place called “Excelent Stores.” Sunday morning was church and one of the team members, Wesley Ragland, gave a short message during a part of the service. He spoke on running the race towards Christ Jesus and eternity with endurance and not turning from the road that God has placed before us. After church, the team put on their travel clothes, gathered their beach things and went to Maracas Bay for the second time. For the entirety of the car ride to the Bay it was raining, but once they reached the Bay it was sunny with a beautiful rainbow spanning the sky above the happy teens. Today, Monday, the 25th of July, the team began the work day by getting water from the one remaining trench with buckets and pump. Then, they began to slowly remove the mud from the trench using buckets. Sadly, it rained again during lunch, so the team had to do the same two jobs in the afternoon as well, but they also spread the last of the gravel out and are ready to mix concrete as soon as the trench is clear.



  1. We have been praying for you Trinidad Teens, God bless all of you for your faithfulness and service to our LORD Jesus Christ. We are also praying for your safe return home, Hello Richard, if you get this message we all love you.

    Love Edka,Ilonka,Dad. 7/31/11 9:42 AM

  2. Megan, I’m praying for you, babe! You’re an awesome leader and I know you’re doing great! Keep trusting the Lord and keep smiling!

  3. Deborah Spruill

    Thank you for a wonderful report! My heart is so blessed! Andrea and Zac’s dad is smiling proudly as he takes a break from dancing with the angels to see the children he so loved!

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