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11027-malawi-tumbuka-funGreetings to all our brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who are serving us back in the States. Though the Lord greatly blessed our time of evangelism, praise the Lord we have cement and that we have been able to continue our work on the Rescue Unit. The team has been working very hard on the unit since Josiah and Gift got cement on Tuesday. As of yesterday, the pillars and the caps that set on top of the pillars have been completed. We will start putting the floor panels together this afternoon. Truly God is good. Our short time of backpacking has come to a halt, but we continue to minister to the orphans and street children who we meet at the well and who pass by us on the road.

The weather seems to be getting slightly warmer at night and possibly a little cooler during the day. Other than that, the weather here is pretty consistant.

The team was very excited that God provided cement and that they were once again able to work on the unit. They have been working exteremely hard and they all want to finish the unit before we leave. Yesterday we worked overtime on a volunteer bases only, and the whole team happily agreed to help out. Yesterday Gift and Josiah needed to travel two towns over and buy a few more supplies for the team to be able to finish the pillars. This trip usually takes all day, but God is good and not only did He provide trucks that were leaving right as they reached the each town, but everything they needed was less expensive than everyone had thought.

The political unrest here has, for the most part, ceased. The government doesn’t expect anymore unrest until the end of August.

The team is going to be working very hard on the project until Saturday. Our goal is to finish the unit before we leave. Next week the team will have to opportunity to go on two different African safari’s. We will be leaving our camp here in Tumbuka and returning to the base in Chipoka to help with the taking down of their bootcamp.

Team Member Testimony 7/28/11

Due to the lack of cement in the near by towns and villages, our team took two days to do some evangelism work. On Monday, for the first time, we broke out our backpacks and hiked to a nearby village that is about 45 to 55 minutes away on foot. Michael and Brenna were K.P. that day, so they stayed behind and cooked with shannon. Sarah told me to mention that the 25th was “Christmas in July” whatever that is? But they did make a snowman cake and sang Christmas songs, so I guess it was cool. After lunch we went to the town, and Sarah shared the Gospel. We also did puppets and the “Colors” skit for the children. The next day we went to a local Chiefs house to coninue our evangelism program. Isaiah shared the main mesage and at the alter call, the chief himself accepted Christ as his own personal savior! Praise God! When we returned that evening we were informed that Gift and Josiah had brought back cement for the pillars. The next day we went back to work on the unit. Seth, Isaiah, Megan, and Joey were laying bricks for the pillars while David, Melanie, Charissa, Faith, Abi and Madison were mixing mortar to secure the bricks. On the 27th, we capped the pillars with cement and are now ready to start building the main frame of the rescue unit. Everything has been going smoothly and it is clear to see that God has been helping and guiding us through our trials. He has also been blessing us!

Signing off…
Seth Nicholas



  1. Jeanie and Mark Wodka

    Praise the Lord for how He is using all of you and how you are allowing yourselves to be used. Who knows how many others you will influence for Christ through this chief. My parents (David’s grandparents) again wanted to let him know they are thinking about him and praying for him. I want to thank all of the leaders for the super job you are doing in leading this team. What a great experience for everyone. Don’t grow weary in doing good… Praying for you,
    Jeanie Wodka

  2. It is so exciting to hear how God is moving in and through this team in Malawi! Praise God! We are excited to have our son home again, but love hearing about his adventures and growth in the Lord.
    Billie Grant (Isaiah’s Mom)

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