11022-mongoliaOur return to the apartment found us busy, busy, busy! We have laid ply-wood down in the living room and hallway and are working on painting the walls in the living room also. The team is working together well and there are no current injuries or illnesses. We have had the opportunity to taste many different kinds of Mongolian foods and for the most part we have enjoyed them all! (milk tea was not a unanimous favorite). Our continued work on the living room, hall, and kitchen will soon pay off as we already have made a significant improvement. We all have enjoyed immensely our time here in Mongolia will be saddened to leave such beautiful scenery and people. The weather is continually getting cooler and Battsetseg our missionary here told us that it can snow here at the end of August! Boy are we glad we all brought a jacket! Looking forward to what the Lord has for us in our remaining days to come, thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

the Mongolia Team!


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  1. Haley Henderson Family 11022

    Thats great news on the projects. We are very proud of all of you. A special thanks to Dave Howton and Carly Mastor, we love our leaders for their sacrifices.

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