Zambia Bridge-11021

11021-zam-bridge-funThe bridge is going well and we should finish this week. Nick and Nicky have invited us to a Sunday BBQ if we finish by Saturday. Monday, we should be able to help the pastor build or rebuild the house that burned for one of the members of his church.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday, we will clean, organize and inventory the equipment.
Joel Sorensen is still a big hit with the team. He has been working hard and is a great asset to the team. He works well with the orphans and village children. Joel and Chris bought chickens from Nick and Nicky and then butchered them and cooked them for Chris’ birthday on the 27th.
Kirby – aka Curtes Silrus is  always coming up with an interesting fact that no one believes and then he is out to prove it. The other day he boiled water in a plastic coke bottle on the open fire. Recently he said we needed to drill the holes in the bridge poles with a hot iron rod. Nick came to see our progress and indicated that if we could not fix the drill bit, we would have to use a hot iron rod. Go Kirby. Kirby is a hard worker and is always ready to do what he is asked.
Tate has become and is becoming a great leader. He is a tremendous help on the work project and he and Caleb have become great friends. They are also both always looking for time to journal the events. I will go to them for help on the calendar when I get behind.
Andy – aka Caleb McConnell  is a really great guy and continues to grow spiritually and share his thoughts in group devos. He loves the Psalms and normally contributes a perspective of the Scriptures. I pray the Lord will continue His work in Andy.  He has a lot of potential and is a great leader when he wants to be.
Alex Shin – aka “turtle” as he pokes his head out of the tent in the morning. He and Colin are good friends but Alex is friendly with everyone. He has been a good worker and is always willing.
Amy Welton is doing very well and is our best at the hammer in nailing the decking along with Katie.
Caleb Collins is a natural leader both by his age and the fact that all the team respects him. He an Tate became close buddies when they were tent mate and continue to journal together and run a small store.
Amy Ann and Molly are still cooking great food and providing more than enough for the team to eat.  Molly is ready though to have a hot shower and a real bed.
Katie our only FTM is doing great.  She has continued to grow spiritually and Abby continues to prod her.
JP – aka Jeffery Pardue was in the sick tent for a couple of days, but is out now and doing well.
Rudy – aka Rodalfo – had a head cold and was in the sick tent and is out and doing well now. He worked a full day and then was on KP yesterday.  He seems fine now.
Collin Phillips – is a quiet young man but always ready to work and do whatever is asked and often sees what needs to be done and does it.  Colin and Alex have become good friends.  Collin continues to be the most fit team member and is a pleasure to have on the team.  He lead private devos the other night and shared what he has been learning from reading through the book of Romans.
Abby is Abby.  Still in heaven from riding with Nick’s daughter Leah.
Thank you for all your prayers!!!!


  1. Thanks for the great report. We continue to pray for the entire team. So glad to hear our Katie is working hard and doing well. Love, Mom and Dad
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Am thrilled to get another good report. We are praying for the entire team. Missing our Amy Ann bunches, but know she is where God wants her, so that gives us great peace. Love from your family in Texas, Mom and Dad

  3. It was wonderful to hear from the everyone. Sorry you were sick JP, I thought something may be wrong. I woke up the other night with burden of prayer for you and prayed for you. I pray for the team and you everyday but this was different. I am glad to hear everthing is going well with finishing the bridge. Father John and the office crew said tell you hi JP. Father John wants you to do a talk to the Church when yuou come back about your trip. I am also trying to get you a flight to fly home on JP will let you know as soon as I find out. I miss you very much and hope you are growing in the Lord and having a wonderful experience spiritually growing in Jesus. May God heal you and anyone else that is sick on your team in the Name of Jesus, for we are healed by His strips. Amen! JP’s Cathyrn, Loving you all in Christ!

  4. I’m so glad to hear my Katie-girl is doing well! She was my team member last year and I love her to pieces! Katie, I’m praying for you honey! Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, Ephesians 6! Love you babe!

  5. It is so exciting to read about the construction of both the bridge and the spiritual lives of the team members! I know the Lord will use this time in the lives of the teens for years to come! We are praying as well as our church, friends, and family. Colin’s Cross Country team says “Hi” to Colin and they look forward to hearing about his trip during their camping trip. They have been working on a new part of their course, and need a bridge built over part of it…. ; p

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