11026-zimbabwe-funHello from beautiful Zimbabwe! It was a cold misty morning, and we thought we might see our first bit of rain. However, by mid-morning, the sun was shining, and we were at Stezi Elementary School doing a presentation and footwashing. This has been the 4th school we visited, but the team was particularly touched by this small school in the middle of the bushes. The children smiled and laughed a lot. During the phonics lesson with Alyssa and Amy, the kids were eager to answer questions, and were reading well. We washed about 25 children’s feet. We have this process down to some what of a science. Courtney, Chelsea, Ezzie, Taylor and Emily greet the children, and then commence to wash their feet with soap giving them a small foot rub. If they notice any kind of rash, abrasion, or presence of a worm infestation, they call our “medicine girls” Annie, Abby, Hannah, and Micayla. We’ve had the same medicine girls from the beginning and they’ve gotten very good at being able to determine which treatment is needed. If the medicine girls need help or see a more serious condition, Suzanne assists them, while Bobbi supervises the rest and lends a hand where needed. Nikki and Rebekah were on “shoe duty” today. As each child is getting their feet washed, our shoe girls check the size of their foot, and try to find a pair that fits them. When the team was done washing the children’s feet, they played a few rounds of “Fire on the Mountain” with the children. (an African children’s game) The administrators and teachers were extremely grateful to the team’s help. In addition to foot washing, we administered cough medicine and tablets as well as applying medicine to the heads of the children who had signs of ring worm or rashes. As our team said our goodbyes, the young children sang a song of thanks to the Lord, and the principal handed us a bottle of Mazoe (an orange juice drink) as a gift of thanks. All of the girls were touched, especially by the sacrificial gift of Mazoe which is a luxury here. The girls are beginning to know the true joy of helping others, and expecting nothing in return. As leaders, we are also hearing less about the girls clothes or their appearances. The girls were remarking the other day that they can never again use the phrase, “I’m starving,” without thinking of that sweet child, whose feet they just washed, who probably hasn’t eaten in a couple of days. We also have a group of four girls who are doing major puppet repair. Our team did not bring any new puppets over, and the puppets here had seen better days. Nine dollars worth of fabric, and two fifty-cents spools of thread later, our puppet repair team is lovingly sewing (by hand) new puppet clothes, and repairing the puppets for future teams to use. Praise God for such talented and willing hands! (Emily, Hannah, Ezzie, and Amy)

Last night, we had a powerful devotion by one of our girls. By this one team member’s openess in sharing a painful past, and how Christ had healed her, and helped her forgive, we had several more girls come forward and share of other hurts, and how they had been struggling with forgiving as well. Our devotion ended in prayers, tears and peace for the girls. It is sheer joy to see these amazingly mature, and unique teens encourage each other for the Lord, and counseling one another in doing good. We as leaders, continue to sit back and watch how the Lord is working in their lives. As always, it’s a great day here in ZImbabwe! Sending our love with many blessings, Claimet, Bobbi, Suzanne and the girls

From missionary (unedited):

The team first  did puppets , foot wash over 50 orphans from where we are and the boots came at the right time when we have been a dry freezing  cold temperatures and some of our orphans never had a shoe in their life time and what we have around can not last and they were forced to freeze walk to school and foot washing team  actually saved them . There could not be any other better time than this . This team has opened up doors for the MSM ministry and we do have 4 already that we are also training our students to follow up . We took them to Wabayi this is 10 km s from our base and were recieved with both arms as they shared puppets the dramma and they foot washed 49 orphans and they are so thankful . NOTE THAT THIS HAS SHAPED THE IMAGE OF TEEN MISSIONS IN ZIMBABWE this is to say we used to distribute chicken heads and interstines this is what they used to know us for now this is a praise and we greatly appreciate this ministry , We took them 20 kms Sitezi  from here and there the team foot washed 60 orphans and  there they met a chief our our area Chief  Mathema who was so grateful , after the that fed them with sadza for lunch and is so grateful , some of the orphans have never worn a shoe in their life time ,  then pledged to always welcome any from our place to teach their kids , We took them to the the school Sibona were they did do puppets and did the presentation and we are going to the area tomorrow for foot washing and this team will also organise them another 2 schools that they will do the presentation next week before they leave  , the other schools were begging us to bring the team to their desperate communities that we do pray that we will be able to ,take them there , next time. These places the minstry for the MSM is wide open, note these areas have a lot of cults and these they can only educate their kids up to grade seven and that is it so there is a great need to teach these kids before so that they have a vision to go on further than grade 7 since the life today demads education .



  1. Heidi Davis (Suzanne's sister)

    So interesting to see the contrast in weather as we are faced with temperatures in the 100s. What an awesome way in which God has so perfectly timed your trip to get shoes on those little cold feet.

  2. So happy to hear of God’s work through the team! The Lord is good!

  3. Donna Agnew (Emily's Grammy)

    Wow, all I can say is wow, God is truly working His ways in all of your hearts and lives. You are united with and for Him, to do His work for these precious children, keep it up girls and leaders, your making a difference for eternity.

  4. What a delight to receive news from Zimbabwe once again! Whoever writes these updates does a great job describing the various activities and the rich experience the team is having. As Becky said, “it is more than we could imagine!” But then, that is our God and some willing and open hearts! Standing with you in prayer,
    love to Abby and ALL!

  5. Sarah (Ezzie's Mom)

    Wow! I’m so overwhelmed how God is using all the team and the missions there! What an incredible time of truly building the Kingdom!! love to you all, praying the Lord can give you the strength to squeeze out every last drop of love from you to those children!!! Thank you so much for the udpdate.

  6. Becky (Taylor's mom)

    Thank you so very much for the great reports! So much more than we could imagine. So excited and overwhelmed to see how God is using you beautiful girls (and Claimet)! We love being even a small part of it. Love you so much Taylor!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this update,,,reading the missionary’s update made me cry. God is usung these beautiful girls to be a blessing and in return these same girls never be the same! Keep it up guys…may are praying for you all!!!!

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