11020-australia-funDave C has asked me to send a quick report to you, as they do not have email where they are at in Warabinda. They have made the long 12-hour drive up to the Aboriginal mission. All are doing fine and are just now getting over some colds and other minor aches and pains. They have started right into the work and have painted the church floor and have started painting outside the building. The team is making friends very quickly and will be doing a puppet show at the park for the community on Saturday.  The community will host a traditional Aboriginal BBQ-type meal in which they dig a hole burning the food and put hot coal over the food and let sit for a while. They usually cook kangaroo, or lizards, along with some veggies. It is a real treat and an honor for the community to host the team. The weather is a bit colder the Tewantin. Nighttime temps get down to 28F. Days are dry, sunny and temps are a pleasant 70F.



  1. I too am so grateful for the updates! Praying for all the kids! Marcia Rosy sends a smile!

  2. thank you so very much for the update! it is good to know all is well and the mission work progressing….God continue to bless all of you and bring more souls to Christ! Georgia B you are loved! see you soon….

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