11024-cameroon-funWe are a very blessed team and are so grateful for your prayers.

We finished the verandas of both the clinic and the school classrooms. We are getting good at running buckets and our one wheelbarrow with dirt and cement. We started the rooms inside the clinic. The wood is very hard so nailing is a challenge. Next week we will paint the walls and doors,pour steps, and do one more veranda.

We still make our daily water runs to both the spring for water to filter and to the river for cement. This group really loves library time and bible marking. Our nationals love them as well.  wo of the leaders have been daily visiting a little Baka girl who injured her foot. She stepped on something and had not walked for over a month she was scooting herself through the dirt on her bottom. The entire bottom of the foot was full of pus and the foot is swollen. We bought penicillin, which we give daily along with soaking the foot and cleaning. Yesterday was the first day she was standing and so happy. Pray with us that God will heal this foot and bless our feeble efforts. We had about 15 Baka visit us yesterday. We gave each a banana and you would have thought we gave gold. We are really learning that we have much to be thankful for.

William was fighting a cold so we put him in bed for a day and it made a huge difference. We praise the Lord that we are healthy. We have the fun of fighting off moths in the outhouse at night. Brittnay , Sarah , Ami , Braxton , William and Jon-Michael are the best!!! We are seeing growth in each of their lives and are enjoying them so much.

Saturday, we are taking a tour of the area lumber mill where they process logs over six feet in diameter. We were invited by the DO (District Officer) for lunch after the tour. We will do a program for him and attend church tomorrow and do another presentation.

Thank you parents for sharing these awesome kids.



  1. Melissa Murphree

    This team is outstanding, getting Brittany to smile before 6:30 any morning is a feat in itself. If yall have accomplished that, then yall all deserve many blessings. Friends and family are praying for the team and your work and your safe return home. The 14th can’t get here fast enough for me, but this summer has actually went quick. Have yall received any mail while you have been in Cameroon, cause I look everyday to see if something has arrived from Brit. May God Bless each and everyone of you for the work you have done this summer. I love you Brit.

  2. Awesome news about Jeudi! Please, if appropriate, let her know that there are many people that care about & are praying for her. Also glad to hear of the interaction between the team & the Baka. It’s gonna be really hard for you guys to come home… Still praying for strong arms & hammers. Ty for taking extra care for William! It’s easy to share our kids when we know how much you care about them too. Please also thank Vitalis for his care as well! We love you guys & continue in prayer with/for you! Love you soooo much, Will! xo

  3. Brad and Susan Strickland

    So wonderful to get these updates. Sounds like things are progressing nicely. We will pray for the little girl with the foot infection. We don’t realize how much we have to be thankful for. So great to know everyone is staying strong and healthy as well. Stay away from the snakes though!!! Glad the natives know how to kill them. Love you all and can’t wait to see my boy!!!

  4. I remember nailing wood in Cameroon when I went with the Maher’s 10 years ago. Not an easy task! I remember that we liked to practice our Bible Verses while we nailed because then when we got frustrated we could just work out our frustrations right away.

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