11016-Nepal11015-TrinidadWe have good news!! We finally received some mail!!! Everyone was so excited when a stack of mail was delivered to us here at Mendies Haven. We are supposed to get another delivery on Monday, our last day here.

It’s hard to believe that our time here is so short. The children here are already telling us how much they will miss us when we go. It is hard to think of leaving these precious, beautiful children. We have all become so fond of them. We are due to leave Tuesday a.m. and bus to the India border. On Wed., we will board a train to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and then on Thursday, bus to Delhi for some sightseeing and then to the airport to catch a midnight flight to Chicago. We will be back in the states in less than a week!!
We have almost completed our projects here. The children and staff are very excited to have a covered patio so they can wash dishes and clothes and not get wet in the rain. The patio will also enable them to cook outside when propane is not available. We are also proud of the partial wall we built in front of the boy’s bathrooms. The team has worked hard and they work very well together! They are a joy! A special thank you to you parents for letting us borrow your children this summer. They have all grown so much!


  1. John & Mary Ann:

    We have been praying for you; for your accomplishments while in Nepal; for your continued freedom from illness; and for your safe return to the U.S. God will certainly reward you for your efforts on His behalf. We are anxious to hear about your trip and accomplishments.

    Philip & Naomi Stovall

  2. Helen and Priscilla, I’m praying for you girls! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  3. Yes! so Happy to know you have gotten mail. Esther, miss you sooooo much. Kisten, thanks for being there also Crew:.Thanks for your dedication. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight. Even though we havent met the crew, we love you all so much. God bless, We are excited for your last week and wonderful sights you will see.
    Love from Esther’s mom

  4. Hi to all, especially John and MaryAnne. We are praying for you. “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” We are all so proud of you. Thank you for serving our Lord in this way. God bless and strengthen you as you finish there.
    Love & prayers,
    Sheila Kelly

  5. Susan Smouse (Hannah's Mom)

    Team Nepal! What a beautiful body of believers that God chose to bless Nepal! I can not begin to fathom the Father’s pleasure in each of you! My heart is so full of excitement with each beautiful report! You are loved and treasured by so many and your mission has touched the lives of thousands! Lots of love and prayers daily for each of you! Hannah, we love you so very much! We are so blessed to be your parents and are so thankful for our precious gift that He has prescribed to our family! THANK YOU TO THE LEADERS! I admire your devotion to Our Lord to be willing to give so much. Thank you for blessing us, the Nepal Team and every soul who God uses you to touch in Nepal/India and in the skies from there to home. Hannah’s Mom

  6. Hello to all!
    I want to let everyone know how much you are thought of each day. To the leaders, thank you for listening to our gracious Lord and taking on the awesome responsibility of shepherding our children through this journey. And to each team member, isn’t it an awesome thought that the Lord chose each of you to come together as one to touch the lives of others in a way that you can only imagine.

    As you get to become tourists, enjoy every last moment, and remember to let the light of Christ continue to shine through you no matter where you are and what you are doing.

    Sarah, we all love you and are looking forward to having you back. Remember that we have the very best weather in all the world right now!
    Karen Martin (Sarah’s mom)

  7. Hi everyone!
    So excited about the mail:) I trust that God’s timing was perfect and it was just the encouragement that you needed just when it was needed most! The projects that you are finishing up will be such a treasure for those children for years to come. Thank you for the time and love that you have put into them! They will be a tangible reminder of God’s love that was poured out on them through all of you. I will pray for lots more treasured moments with those precious children between now and next Tuesday. You will be in our prayers for safe travel as well special times of fellowship as you experience some really cool sightseeing. CAN’T WAIT to see you, Molly, but we’re also excited about what God has planned for you the next week. Your team remains in our prayers!
    -Helen Oakes (Molly’s mom)

  8. I thank God for you all. Travel safe and savour every moment. Hugs to Natalie. Can’t wait to see you. Love Mom

  9. Jennifer Stewart

    Yay!!!!! You got mail!!!! I am soooooo happy for you all – definitely an answer to prayer!!! Now that you have mail you may not even get this post – but if you do – remember that you are all being prayed for while you finish up in Nepal and travel through India and then back home! I am so anxious to hear about how God has worked in all of your lives – you guys are family now – it is so, so, so exciting to know how God works all things together for good 🙂 May God bless you and keep you – and cause His face to shine upon you all. I love you all 🙂 Especially Sawyer…..and Sydney……and Sawyer….and all of you – because like Mollys very wise mom has said – I have come to love you all as I have prayed for each of you over and over again by name 🙂

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